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The Second Libra Full Moon In A Row Will Help You Cut Unnecessary Ties

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by Conscious Reminder

On 19th April, the second Full Moon in Libra is taking place. It will be opening up a period of huge changes and possibilities.

The Full Moon will be taking us to point zero and from there on, we will move forward. This time, the energy portal that is opening in the Full Moon will be coming to a close.

In 20th March, the portal opened up to lift us, shifting us. It helped us to discover a balance within our lives and elevate us into our higher selves.

As we experience the changes that the portal brought, we were able to align ourselves with the universe and the possibilities that opened in front of us.

But now, the portal is closing, and we have to reassess our lives. Let’s look back and start to understand this shift that is taking place. We have to let go so that the shift can be complete.

If the first Full Moon in Libra was looking for a balance inside us, the second one is all about balancing our relationships. It’s about realizing our self-worth.

Remember, you are deserving of love and being loved. You deserve respect. You have feelings and they matter. You should be forgiven and you can forgive.

You are as important as anybody else. And the relationships that you have are important too. Make sure that they are genuine and are pushing you towards your own glory.

All you need to do is love yourself and value yourself enough to make a change in your life. You cannot let relationships which devalue you throw you from your alignment with the Cosmos and the truth. You have to bring a balance in your life.

Self-Love is not easy but it is important. Unless you can love yourself unconditionally, you will be not strong enough to deal with the challenges that life throws at you. You will always feel the burden of life pulling you down.

We must love our own selves enough to know what we are worth. Once we are capable of loving ourselves, then our relationships will start developing and grow stronger too.

Under the Libra Full Moon, start understanding your strength and love yourself for it. Understand your toxic relationship and start changing them.

The relationship that you have can be with any person or even a thing. We often relate to an ideology or a belief which might be harmful to us. It’s time to bring about change in that area. The Universe wants to bring out the truth and we have to listen to it.

If it wants to bring about a change in our relationships, infuse yourself with its energy. Change can be difficult, but with the Full Moon energy guiding you, you will have clarity in your mind. It’s time to repair any mess in a good relationship and take action to cut off the toxic ones.

There could be a lot of tense energy accumulating during this period and it is up to us to put our best foot forward. Be a little judicious with the energy and try to balance it out. With this burst of energy, you might lose your mindfulness.

Do not let that happen. Think of what you mention to others – don’t be vindictive or hurtful. Surround yourself with people who will love you and who want to give you a spiritual boost.

The Full Moon is all about relationships. It is about showing cracks in the ones on which you need to work and showing the guile in the ones that need to be cut off.

There is no other option – you have to take a step to bring some kind of change. Let go – and bring about the transformation you need.

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