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6 Ways To Clear And Balance Your Energy

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Life is all about triumphs and defeats, but we must not let lower vibrations get the better of us. Learn from your experiences, but don’t let the anger or frustration ruin your life.

These negative emotions tend to clutter our energy and bring us down. We must always focus on the higher vibrations, especially that of love, and seek the Divine.

If you have been feeling burdened with your energy, here are 6 easy ways to declutter your energy field.

1. Start With Your Relationships

Take some time to assess your relationships and find which ones are imbalanced. Consciously make efforts to cultivate healthy relationships, but establish strict boundaries for the ones cluttering your energy field. Remember that your spiritual growth implies there will be changes in your relationships so, don’t be afraid to let go.

2. Balance Your Chakras

One easy yet essential task is to clear and balance your Chakras. Balancing Chakras leads to the revitalization of your energy. Start with the red Root Chakra and move up till you reach your Crown Chakra. Visualize the vibrant colors and balance them.

3. Clear Your Aura

With the aid of some tools, you can clear your aura and declutter your energy field. You can go for a sea or Epsom salt bath along with a few drops of any essential oil. Another tool is burning sage, which should be used to outline your body. Keeping a little distance, move the burning sage around your outline, and visualize the stagnant energy clearing from your aura.

4. Forgive Others

You must cut cords with the negative people, but it is important that you don’t hold any grudges against them. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Your past choices were right for you at that particular time and you got to learn from those experiences. So, don’t stay caged in the past pain. Let go of the hurt and those who caused it. Focus on new beginnings.

5. Declutter Your Home

Physically decluttering your space is also important. Discard old and unused items. While redecorating, choose items that attract positive energy. Candles and sages can be used to shift the energy inside your home too.

6. Shield Your Energy

Once you have cleansed and centered your energy field, it is important to shield it from further cluttering. Visualize a white bubble surrounding you that will shield you. Love and positive energy reside inside this bubble and all negativity is shunned.

Whenever you feel your personal energy stagnating or becoming too toxic, try some cleansing methods. Declutter your physical and spiritual space for a happy and peaceful life.

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