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The Purpose Of Our Soul And Life On Earth: It’s Time To Start Listening To It!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Every soul knows why it came to Earth!

It’s also very important to understand that the soul is aware of the time it spends here. When people awaken, they actually became aware of their soul, which is eternal, and that eternal part of their being is exactly what sets them in motion, inspiring them to achieve whatever they set as a goal in this life.

Even thought the soul is eternal, the life on Earth, unfortunately, has an expiration date, so our soul tends to improve and grow as much as possible in every life.

How important it is to be aware of your inner voice and to be consistent when it comes to our sincerity towards ourselves and to be faithful to our soul and our desire to attain our goals, I have realized in one of my periods of work.

At one stage of my work, I met a large number of clients who were in their fifties or late fifties, and what they all had in common was not their age, but the feeling that life was slipping through their fingers.

They came looking for something more. These men were desperate to find out if there was something more to life, to themselves, and to their visions of what more life could offer.

It was incredible to observe how almost all of them asked the same questions and expected similar answers: ‘Where am I in life?’, ‘Am I on the right path?’,’ What is my purpose?’, ‘Is it possible that there is something more to life?’…

But one question prevailed:  Who am I really?

When we take off the weight of our habits and customs that we have taken over from our parents and ancestors, we free up space for something new. This creates room for new possibilities. And that’s how changes are created that every soul on earth wants to take part in.

However, many people are busy and they are unable to reach their real selves which would allow them to  follow their inner guidance. Only when we dare to relax and let go of those unnecessary and unfulfilling habits that keep us “occupied” while, fulfilling our “obligations” to everyone else we will be able to access our inner voice. As long as we get into situations in which our inner voice suffers in silence we won’t be able to access it.

One of the most overwhelming needs of the Soul, which lives in us all, is to hear that silent voice, that simply knows. Our Soul isn’t ignorant or intrusive, but often comes up and wants to draw our attention to the essence of our existence. It reminds us that our natural state doesn’t include eating junk food, consuming alcohol and drugs and spending hours and hour in front of the TV. As long as the Soul feels smothered, it won’t be unable to fulfill its mission.

The soul suffers when we let our bad habits put us in boxes and frames, when instead it could be spreading its vibration and sharing its light.

While my clients and I were combing through their lives, and trying to find the right path that lead to their Soul, many were going through great and small changes. I remember a woman who was late at our every workshop and came in last after we had already started group hypnosis. One day she came first:

‘I realized that when I leave my job on time to be able to come to my workshop, means that I’m listening to myself and I love my soul,’ she smiled as she was settling down in her comfortable chair.

At one point I realized why people in their fifties came in such large numbers: If they could change their lives and make a place for their souls and true needs, and begin to live their purpose, then it is good to know that it is never too late. It’s always a good time to start.

The greatest example of Never-Too-Late-Philosophy was made by a gentleman in his late seventies. He spent all his life in the role of a skeptical intellectual who taught at the faculty of science. But when his mother died (and left this world in a very subtle way) he had an encounter with her Guide and realized that his time was coming soon as well.

He began to explore himself and when he came to me, he already knew that there was more than just a group of neurons that transmitted impulses … We looked for his soul, it was waiting patiently for him … it was amazing to see the encounter, the wisdom and the change of life style … the gentleman is still alive, but now he travels longer, looks for ‘spiritual’ places, feels love for life, and feels like he was reborn.

So, how do you set yourself free? It is important to explore all the habits that make our everyday life, and don’t serve us.

It is also good to awaken all of its negative beliefs (which have never been ours and have been imposed upon us) and when we get rid of all the unnecessary beliefs that keep us locked in the energy shields that energize us, directing us to purely maintaining the status quo Without change, no questions, no innovation) we as humans stop silence ourselves.

By coming to this planet, each of us, every soul, brought abundance of Lights, beauty, love, and endless possibilities. Every soul, by entering the womb, has brought into her body vibrations expressing pure awareness of light and love. Every soul brings the rich repertoire of its experiences of many lives and knowledge of many dimension unlike anything we have seen on Earth.

While we were children many of us were “silenced” and thought to keep our voices down and listen to others. They filled us with other people’s voices, desires and conditions.

But now that we are all grown up, it’s our right, and obligation to ourselves, to listen to and follow our inner voice, our soul.  The soul knows how, why, where and when …. We just need to let go and make room for that ancient Light of Consciousness called our Soul.

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