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The Spiritual Meaning Of The Gemini New Moon In May 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

The astrology of the month of May is wrapping up with the new moon on May 30 and is the full lunar event since the previous eclipse season. This event will also kickstart the ultimate lunar cycle of the spring.

This is the perfect time for you to center yourself on your truth and look forward to the surprises in your life. 

The Mercury retrograde might mix up your signals but this new moon will offer some clarity as you wrap up a season and enter the new month. 

You can connect with the spirit of this new moon and tune into the cosmic frequency to get yourself aligned.

New Moons signify new beginnings and such lunar moments are illustrated as the first phase of the monthly lunar cycle.

The May 2022 New Moon will be rising in Gemini, which means that it will correspond with your ability to think through your feelings and form bonds with people around you.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The New Moon In May

The New Moon will help you build connections and make space for curiosity to find some clarity in the middle of chaos. The zodiac energy offered by Gemini is logical and communicative and will help you sort through your feelings so that you can find avenues to express your emotions to others around you.

The month of May is a mix of de-stability and disorientation but ushers in clarity and hope.

When we speak of Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, it plays a crucial part in the new moon that you are about to experience.

Mercury will be in conflict with Saturn, during this new moon, which will, in turn, bring in difficult thoughts and will force you to face the consequences of your choices.

However, you will be able to showcase your power against these challenges as it bears positive connections to Neptune and Pluto.

The New Moon in May will push you into the ultimate lunar cycle of the season and will be a breath of fresh air after the previous month’s eclipses. You will enjoy the pleasant feelings of hope and change.

Gemini’s energy will encourage you to accept transitions and deal with unexpected happenings in your life. The New Moon would then act as a catalyst and will inspire you to collect your brilliant ideas and look for inspiration in what life had offered you.

How Can You With The New Moon Energy

The previous full and new moon were eclipses, which brought forward shocking changes. 

The New Moon in May is a great opportunity for you to work with moon magic, as manifesting during eclipses is prohibited.

You can set your intentions with a Gemini season ritual and harness the zodiacal energy for your initiatives. You can also work with certain protective crystals and sit for meditation.

The New Moon also offers a great time to connect with your friends and express your innermost feelings wholeheartedly. You can talk freely with your closest friends and jump into a social setting, where you can let off some steam and gain more knowledge.

You can also write your emotions in a private journal and form your thoughts into well-written words. This will help you to get rid of stress and reflect on the position you are currently in.

The process will eventually help you to understand the changes you went through during the eclipse season.

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