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March Astrology By Dates: Everything Is Waking Up, You Should Too

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by Conscious Reminder

March brings in energy-acceleration and is one of the busiest months. This is the month for you to work on your and make progress.

In March, you can plan your future as well. And also manage to get done with things. Hence, it is finally time to cross things from your to-do list.

The Astrological New Year begins in March. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. And at this time of the year, the sun enters into the zodiac kicking off this new year.

The new year of astrology has a significance of a fresh start in life. It represents the opportunity of beginning once again.

And it all helps to bring a shift in the new season of our journey. This year is to forget the past. And brace oneself for the coming future. It says it is the creation of a new earth.

March’s Vital Astrological Events

Plant new seeds in this new season—lay newer foundations. And work on rapid progress.

Let’s take a look at the astrological events taking place in March.

3rd March: Mars Goes Into Gemini

In this month, Mars makes its way into self-expression and communication. You may feel this urge to share new and inspiring ideas. Or creative ideas to speak, create, write or teach. Mars is a planet to be watched as the energy becomes stronger and builds.

4th March: Mercury Joins Jupiter

We have even more support than ever when it comes to communicating, sharing ideas, or expressing. All of them have excellent timing at the beginning of this month. This period traditionally stands as a preferable time for taking a trip to someplace for learning something new.

10th March: Sun & Neptune Conjunct

The Sun aligning with the planet Neptune is undoubtedly one of several mystical & magical days of this year. Neptune as a planet represents hopes, wishes, and dreams. The planet and Neptune are in Pisces currently. All these vibes are amplified and dreamy! On this day, there will be a rise in intuitions. Hence, your higher self or guides or angels will forward more insights.

13th March: Venus + Pisces New Moon Neptune Conjunct

A New Moon that is magical! The New Moon will be peppered with fairy dust. It is a beautiful period to receive clarity about relationships or even finances. There will be sparkles everywhere around. Just simply remember that glitters don’t mean gold. This time is also incredible when it comes to dreaming big and creative endeavors. This is when you can lay down the foundations of an aligned, higher vibe and beautiful life.

15th March: Mercury Goes In Pisces

Mercury has no good thing in Pisces. The road may seem foggy. Or something may seem scattered. Things may have been cleared back in the day. But at the moment, it is confusing. There may be uncertainty about your next steps. On 15th April, Mercury departs from Pisces.

20th March: Astrological New Year, Equinox, And Sun In Aries.

The Sun entering Aries means an equal time of day & night. This is the equinox. These days are powerful. Plant seeds for the new chapters in life.

21st March: Mars Goes Wild!

The energy of this planet goes haywires. It represents conquering fears, actions as well as motivation. Mars has to do with the energy of doing or dying. So try not to burn out. Move steadily, and don’t rush.

25th March: Venus Conjunct Sun

The Sun aligns with Venus again. So arrange beauty appointments, have a haircut and buy more clothes. We can attract things and manifest them in your lives.

28th March: Chiron Conjunct Venus + Libra Full Moon

Chiron is an asteroid that is activated heavily. It is a healer of wounds. It represents the transformation of our traumas into strengths. It is about strengthening our roots in money, feminine relationships as well as romantic relationships.

These may help guide you through this month.

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