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Essay On Reality: Life As A Simulation

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by Conscious Reminder

Before you read this article, I want to leave a few notes. The article will not, at any time dive into the theory of life being in a computer simulation. The article will not defend the theory, but only use it as a support for a fragmented analysis on reality. I will only use it as a way to better describe my analysis. I personally advise to not relay on any documentaries/books about this subject as I believe it is not done with pure purposes and its unnecessarily exaggerated.  The article will not relay on any extraordinary belief. It is not required from you to believe in anything. Simply read, and contemplate. If needed, use dictionary or contact me for further and more detailed explanation.

—————————————————————————————————It is a known and controversial theory, that of our life being simulated on a computer. Being a conspiracy or not, it is a big deal of imagination. There is nothing wrong to think this way. A good attitude towards any theory, belief, dogma, etc, is to look at it as a potential of our minds to even imagine such things and to give them form and light inside our brains. There is no need to be in one side or the other. Being in the middle looking around is the best position as it is the only position that allows one to fully observe and absorb.

Now back to the theory of life being simulated in a computer. It can be very close to be true. It requires some maturity to understand this idea and not get fooled by literal judgment. By this I mean that one must not get stuck in the surface and think that the ocean is only about waves. There is a big mystery under the ocean and with the ocean I refer to this theory, or any other potential and reasonable theory. In the same way if you read Sanskrit, spiritual and/or philosophical texts and take it only literally, you might be missing the message that could save your life. The sacred treasure of the message is being ignored and missed by the ignorant minds of ours. Because of this, any spiritual text, most of the time is taken as phantasy, myth or as old stories of legends and gods.

Here I just want to conclude that we must beware to not get fooled by superficialities, especially in literature, as the words are always, I repeat, always the key for the door. We must then open it.

Now, again, back to the simulation. There is no computer. And there is no one sitting behind controlling and simulating our lives. However, there is for sure someone controlling and directing our lives by means of manipulation, which is pretty close to what a computer simulation does. I took interest in this theory because it is one that I can assimilate and relate easily to what is actually happening. What is happening is that for long, long time our reality is being distorted. There has been a tremendous, continuous effort to manipulate the minds of our people and to create endless limitations for what is regarded as truth or not.

By means of law, culture, education, tradition, politics, moral and ethics, a society has been built. This same society has more or less, a commune mind set. This means that they share a mindset which is created or implanted. This mind set conducts their lives within the same limitations that have had been imposed. Simply put, in this way, the people of this society live their lives in an alternate reality. This alternate reality can be compared to the so-called simulation, as if it’s virtual. It is a simulation, isn’t it clear?

To view it in practical examples, let’s take a look to our western society. It is based in a huge, complex system in which the motor is the monetary sub-system. We have a government, the military service, and we have a few industries as the following; food industry, education industry, pharmaceutical industry, the product industry (the industry that produces all kind of products), the market, the resource industry, etc… I put it in simple names as I don’t have any studies on the subject and it is all realised by self-study and mere observation. All of these industries sustain the system and keep it going on. At first sight, in one hand, the governments are the representatives and the decision makers. On the other hand, I believe, on top of them we may have two or more entities. One of them are the big banks which for sure control the governments and direct them according to their interests.  Of course, there is much more to say about the system but this is enough as an example.

The system prepares the oncoming citizens, it shapes them and it inserts them in the working, as to serve the system. This is done by the same means mentioned before, but specially by means of education.  It is useful to know that the mainstream education system is also highly controlled by the same entities.

Again, this is easily comparable to the computer simulation, as if someone behind this is simulating and manipulating the “game”, or the “matrix” as most of us know it. One important thing to mention is how this is a self-sustained process. We all get shaped in equal ways, we all learn more or less the same things from the educational system. We all get manipulated the same way from the Media industry and we all get with the same kind of (mis)information. This happens in an individual level. So, as the individual is manipulated in such way, we can say he behaves in a simulated manner. Socially, we all influence each other, and as a reinforcement, the manipulation gets stronger as the individual wants to feel accepted and inserted in the society, in this way, following everyone else while everyone follows everyone else.

There we go, simulation explained simply by taking a look to our society. The most important thing – we are driving it! It works as a two-sided impulse. The rulers and whoever dictates our reality gives us the first impulse and then we react by receiving the impulse and putting it in action. This means that if we don’t react to the impulse, it wouldn’t work. If we don’t respect the laws, if we don’t use the money, if we don’t fight for them, if we don’t consume, if we don’t let ourselves being hypnotised, it wouldn’t work. The same way, a simulation wouldn’t work if the characters wouldn’t react to the impulse.

Now back to the spiritual terms. This way of living, we must know it is not real. It is only like this because we want it like this, we are driving it this way. Physically is proved that we are detached from reality. Our buildings, cars, social media, dreams and fantasies, classes, fame, material, etc, everything exists only in our minds. Again, don’t take it literally, absorb it fully. It is real only in our minds, that means, outside the mind exists only what it is, and that’s Nature-light, sound and energy. It is clear that our delusion is killing the planet. The only reason – we don’t understand Nature, we don’t understand reality. We live away from it. We are actually destroying it and creating our own fantasy. We seem to not accept what is true, what is real.

Therefore, the great achievement for the individual is to get to know what is real, to live with the truth and abide in it. We fight for peace but that exists already, in reality. War exists only because our deluded minds. We want to reach paradise but that exists already, in reality. Hell exists only in our deluded minds, and we continue to create it. We search for love and happiness but that exists already, in reality. We search for God, but God lives only in Reality, and if God is real, logically will express itself in reality’s realm. Take a look at nature and you will see God’s power and presence in every flower, in the sun, in the waves, in the air and in every living being.

We must open our eyes and hearts and bring our mind to its natural state. We must claim our lives and souls back to where it belongs.

About the author: Dan Gheorghita is a young seeker for understanding of the Universe and Human mind. Without any studies, all its knowledge and perception is from self-consciousness and books on various themes as Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion, Mystics and Esotericism. Dan found his passion for writing since early age and has had expressed it in many forms, such as music, poetry and free texts. His records of writings in present themes has been kept hidden from public, being only now revealed to the most.

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