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How Astrology Influences Our Hopes And Dreams

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by Conscious Reminder

We all have dreams and hopes about our lives or the world in general, and sometimes we really concentrate on them. 

Some of the rulers who influence our dreams and hopes are the 11th house and planet Uranus, so when we have planets transiting the 11th house or Uranus moving there too, it may bring the focus onto our dreams and hopes.

Some of the greatest times when we can pursue opportunities in order to achieve a dream of ours, can be the transit of Jupiter in the 11th house, conjunct the 11th house ruler, or conjunct natal Uranus.

We may also feel more open to try some things in a completely new and different way, and take the chance on all those opportunities in front of us.

We may also get excellent energy with the transit Uranus conjunct, trine, or also sextile our natal Jupiter, the 11th house ruler or cusp, although this may also come with unexpected energies, a greater independence, and even a stronger will to push us outside of our zone of comfort in order to achieve our dreams.

Transit Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Sun, touring our 11th house just for a shorter period, for one or two months, so this may be the times throughout every year in which we think more about our hopes about our future and our dreams too.

If the planets Venus, Mars, and Mercury retrograde into our 11th house, it may be the hardest time for dreams and hopes, and we may also question ourselves or feel that we have to surrender and leave. However, this is temporary, and we may find our way to return to our dreams and hopes when their retrograde will finish.

The transit of Saturn in the 11th house may be tricky. The planet Saturn is actually the one of reality, which means that while transiting in our 11th house, we may have the chance to make our dreams come true, but we will have to work hard and be dedicated.

On the other hand, transit Saturn trine or sextile may have easier energies with we could work around, but when opposite or square, we may struggle a lot, and we will have to overcome bigger challenges than usual, so we can stay true when it comes to our dreams.

Some positive aspects of transit to our 11th house ruler, cups, or also natal Uranus may be an excellent time to better focus on our dreams and hopes so that we can feel hopeful, and we would like to go after opportunities, or also inspire ourselves to make changes.

Progressed planets which move into our natal 11th house or also natal planets which move into our improved 11th house may bring us a strong and better focus on our dreams and hopes, and that will be for a prolonged time period. After that, the transit planets mat trigger energy, so we can make the significant headway at the time they happen.

There will also be the asteroid called Pandora. Every one of us knows the story related to the box of Pandora. Hope is what stays there when everything else has been said and one.

The asteroid may be tricky sometimes, and it may install the inner sense of an everlasting hope which means that the things are going to work out always. The transit to this asteroid may bring that out or even squash it, and that depends on the aspect or the planet.

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