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The Renewed Union Of The Divine Masculine And Feminine

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by Conscious Reminder

With the advent of social media awareness and further platforms of discussion for feminism and related questions, there has been a rapid increase in marches and movements, fighting for equality and rights. In the old times, women had no say or rights and so it’s a huge development since those times.

However with the recent uproar regarding #MeToo, the torture and mistreatment has been brought to light. Patriarchal control is still a big problem and unfortunately it has been internalized in many cases.

Age old Kogi Wisdom

Women had authority in ancient cultures. Research shows these cultures had no war or weapons. Many native tribes still maintain these feminine values. Kogi priests strongly believe that women are holy and should be respected by all. There are so many who have faced or are going through physical and emotional abuse.

However, they have the option to seek legal help to fight for justice. It’s essential for every woman to be aware of their rights and exercise them when the need arises. They should work hard towards liberating themselves and asserting their control over situations.

For years the world has seen and accepted gender inequality in several forms. It’s important for women to accept that they are worthy of love and respect. Years of oppression makes them weak and suppressed but they must rise up against these crimes and speak out.

The feminine and masculine sides should coexist to maintain harmony and balance. Therefore for the feminine side to progress and survive, the masculine side has to support and help them.

The masculine side should take responsibility to maintain physical, emotional, energetic, professional and sexual limitations.

It’s important to analyze the features of the masculine and feminine sides:

Feminine Force

The feminine force embodies gentility, empathy, intuitive power and acceptance. It’s very fluid and flexible. It’s the source of life and energy. She channels the strength of the Earth and supports the family and herself. She is very careful in her choices.

Masculine Force

The masculine force represents vision, father-figure, support, generosity, action and adventure. It is in charge of maintaining discipline and order and takes care of the feminine and the collective. Both these forces are a union of love and strength which maintains divine harmony.

How did chaos break out?

In this relationship of balance the vices of power and fear intruded and this tarnished the masculine force and gave rise to patriarchal domination. Masculine side corrupted into being aggressive, dominating, possessive and rough.

This convoluted male image is very toxic and still a big cause of chaos around the world. The fear of losing authority makes them do inexplicable things.

Torture and aggression is a sign of toxicity in the wrong-doer whereas this treatment will compel the victim to be tarnished as well and force to act out of fear.

Years of torture and abusive treatment has weakened the feminine side and made them believe that they are incapable of fighting against this injustice. The feminine force is traumatized, victimized, hurt and afraid, cautious, wary and stumbling. Having been forced into the role of a submissive she is constantly feeling self-pity and wallowing in sadness. This gives rise to negative emotions against other women and therefore prevents them from supporting and uplifting each other.

The trauma and abuse makes her feel that submitting to patriarchal dominance is her only way to survive.

Feminine Movement

Women are finally coming to terms with their sexuality and identity. They have started to respect and believe in themselves, not afraid of anything.  Everyone is joining hands to seek freedom from patriarchal control and abuse and to make the world a better place. This will happen only through individual unification of masculine and feminine sides.

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