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5 Signs That Will Be Least Affected By Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The addition of the Full Moon to the Partial Lunar Eclipse is going to bring in some intrigue in the astrological world.

Not just that, it is going to occur during a mass Retrograde in 6 planets, including Neptune and Mercury. Now, that could definitely lead to some tension and some shifts in energy in most signs.

Not these 5 signs though, they have other things to deal with.


This Lunar Eclipse might be bringing about a real change in most zodiacs, leading them to start thinking and focusing on it. Not Taurus though- they are in a state of higher consciousness, which will help in their spiritual elevation, and increase their affection and lust for life.


You might as well feel very frisky and rebellious this Full Moon- well, indulge in it. There is nothing wrong in talking about your feelings, and wanting some love. Although it might be a bit contrasting from your usual standoffish and cold exterior, we all have broken character at several times.


You have been developing yourself up for quite some time now. But the time for that is over. Go out into the world, and show what you have made yourself up to be. It has been quite a perilous journey, but you have made it. So, go and enjoy the spoils of war.


You don’t have to be in constant fear of happiness bringing forth misery- simply enjoy it as it is. In fact, this Lunar Eclipse will breeze by you for the retrograde planets are bringing in surprises. Not shocking ones, mind you. But surprises that will not only please you but also reboot your energy.


You could really use an adrenaline rush right now. Don’t stay at home and watch Stranger Things again. Go out with your friends when they ask you to. Looking back at it, you will have nothing but fond memories of such a day. Don’t worry.

Well, these are the 5 zodiacs that will be affected the lease this Lunar Eclipse. Do you fall in?

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