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12 Reasons Why I Got Out Of New Age

by consciousreminder
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I found myself involved with the New Age during the ascension period and December 21st, 2012.

Absorbed into its culture, I believed and worshiped the most nonsensical teachings.

My health, my sanity, and my life deteriorated as a result and I lied down in depression for the next 2 years.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that there is something odd about the New Age.

One day, I threw it all away. I wanted to know the truth. I begin to think for myself with the gift that was given to me.

With the feel good love and light on the front, there is a hidden danger on the back.

That is, all the blessings and good intent yields no wisdom and clarity.

The reason why I want to bring this up is to give you the awareness to see for yourself.

What is the New Age?

The New Age movement is the rise of the spiritual and social movement during 1970s following the Age of Aquarius.

Generally a collection of Eastern thoughts and old occult practices, New Agers promote universal tolerance, peace, and moral relativism.

New Age does not have a unified set of beliefs or practices and spreads through self-help, occultism, and religious beliefs.

Some includes: astrology, chi energy, chakras, christ consciousness, oneness, reincarnation, astral traveling as well as healing through crystals and pyramids.

But behind this seemingly harmless movement is a dangerous jungle for the inexperienced and curious seeker.

Here are the 12 reasons why I got out of the New Age.

1. Unhealthy Practices

New Age is full of strange and incomprehensible rituals, spells, meditations, and incantations.

Raising your Kundalini while channeling angels and twisting your body as you perform irregular breathing in meditation.

They mix the Hindu system with spiritualistic and shamanistic practices.

First, they are incompatible.

Also, these practices are not suitable to the modern age and body.

The Yogic practices are designed for a mind and body of a Yogi who has trained themselves that way.

Authentic channelers are also traditionally trained and studied to handle the spirits.

Anyone who dabbles into these practices without understanding the system or train themselves in which their mind and body are capable of handling it will cause irreparable harm to mind and spirit.

Like chemicals, if you go in without having sufficient knowledge of anything you do, it will harm you.

It’s not a toy. It’s not a game. Mostly it’s science on a metaphysical level which must be met with precision.

People who came into a psychic development class has ended up having spirit attachments or someone messing with their aura.

2. Not understandable

If a teachings is wrapped in confusing and vague terms, you must ask yourself why that is.

All the ancient wisdom were clear and understandable.

You don’t hear the Buddha or Christ speaking about expanding “quantum consciousness existing as karmic photons in eternal stillness“.

How enlightening it must be for all of us!

But many gobble up this nonsense like energy from heaven.

Because people’s egos don’t like to feel stupid so they pretend that this is profound.

Spirituality is simple. So simple a child can understand.

It is the cluttered mind that forms complex and chaotic words.

If you ask a new ager what he/she means, I doubt they have any knowledge to what they speak about.

3. Hotchpotch of Incompatible and Irrelevant spiritual discipline

Add a bit of shamanism with Buddhism and Paganism. Sprinkle some Hinduism with Christianity.

And viola! You have your very own spirituality that you can aimlessly wander in your journey.

You can’t mix spirituality into a pot.

One must understand the system in which he practices.

There is a reason why Hinduism is different from Christianity and Muslims different from Buddhists.

Each race have a race-consciousness that allows them to understand certain ways and have certain group life lessons.

If you take only the pieces of one spirituality with another, you’ve taken it out of context.

It’s no longer spiritual nor holistic, it becomes a concept of impracticality.

However, all religions do have a core teachings for people that are unsatisfied with the current traditions.

But those are for souls that have already progressed enough in their lifetimes to seek more.

4. Makes your ego fragile and narcissistic

The spiritual tradition gives you courage and self-assurance so that in times of desperate temptations, you turn to spiritual aspirations.

However, many people in the New Age are out for themselves and use it as a form of ego entertainment.

Those who ventured into New Age are deathly afraid of any criticism or slight judgments.

If you happen to not believe as they do, they will go frantic about it.

You will have to tiptoe around them before they explode on you.

If you don’t have faith in yourself, you may be exploited by the New Age to have faith in aliens rescuing you to enlightenment.

Are you an alien, an arcturian, or starseed?

They tell you what you want to hear.

You Are Special.

They tell you that you are the center of the universe. You are a god.

Though it makes you feel empowered, it often causes one to disregard the people around you and lose sight of purpose, truth, and perspective.

It is human nature to see themselves as more important and different than anyone else.

But Spirit sees all as themselves and so recognizes that we each are as deserving as anyone else.

In other words, one is so separated from divine that the soul becomes darker and the Ego reign supreme in creating its own fantasy.

5. False Promises

New Age promises you a big enlightenment, an ascension, a bliss one day after trying desperately to reach spiritual oneness.

All you have to do is keep attending seminars, buy new age books, and feel good.

When you keep chasing after this one big moment, you will always fall short.

Then it makes you feel like you are unworthy to reach such level of spirituality.

You don’t need anything but yourself to be spiritual.

I gave up chasing spiritual enlightenment and that is the greatest choice I’ve ever made.

Because now I realized that what I was seeking was inside me this entire time – the inner voice of my Higher Self.

Here is a secret to advance spiritually – you can’t buy your way in.

6. Lack of Balance

Though the New Age invites the feminine principle, it does so at the cost of masculinity.

When I was heavily into New Age, I lost my assertiveness and masculine core. I overthink things and became a willing victim.

Blaming mercury retrograde, negative energy, and other people was the norm.

In a society filled with aggression and logic, we do need the imagination and emotional side, the yielding and inner reflections. But this complements the sun of our assertions, not as a substitute.

The New Age community lacks the balance of masculine principle – the power of Will, the first force of power.

Excess in both masculine and feminine principle will leave us unbalance and weak as a result.

7. Always Feel Good

We naturally want comfort and the ego likes to move toward pleasure and avoid pain.

The New Age distracts us from reality feeding us “brain treats” to make us feel good and avoid the world around us.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” – Carl Jung

The ‘feel good’ road is a trap.

Feeling good does not mean you have high vibration, strong aura, or higher consciousness.

It is the result of dopamine, Oxycontin, serotonin, and endorphin acting on your body. It’s a “brain treat.”

A sense of high but nothing like the bliss which one may receive in deep meditation.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel good, but it is imbalance when one must ‘feel good’ at all times.

The more we try to ‘always feel good’, the more we train ourselves to think something is wrong with us if we are not!

As a result, it plunges us deeper in lower vibration.

And we will forever chase this higher dose of ‘feel good brain treats’.

The spiritual sense of ‘feel good’ is not conditional.

Rather, the joy of stillness one feels is the spiritual ‘feel good’, yet, we don’t necessarily feel anything.

You can have happiness and peace independent of the circumstances in your life.

8. Love and Light and Piss Off

The New Age community are full of people who at first gives blessings and peace.

Then turns around behind your back and curses you to damnation in the most polite way possible.

“Love and Light” or “Namaste”.

These words utter the passive aggressive response I have seen lately.

What surprised me isn’t their ignited response but how quickly they are to rage war on you at the slightest provocation.

Those of the Light cannot be hurt easily, so I wonder who are these to name themselves “Love and Light”?

You can be sensitive without being easily offended.

9. The New Age business skyrocket at your expense

You know there is corruption when business, with no knowledge of spirituality, starts to get their feet into New Age.

With a greed for money, they exploit the genuine seekers to their spiritual hunger.

Now New Age becomes a marketplace with seminars, dvds, books, and gurus in spotlights.

The average seeker will desperately buy his way into enlightenment only to find that he is nowhere near where he wishes to be.

It is so easy to convince New Agers when they still rely on appearances and words instead of their intuitive spirit.

10. Ignore the Negative

Think positive and ignore the negative because what you focus on you will get.

This is true, but it is not fully understood.

Don’t avoid the negative reality in front of you. That will make things worse.

Do see the reality, no matter how good or bad the situation is, and then think positive.

Avoid the negative thoughts you have in your head regarding the situation.

Because think negative toward an external situation, you will feel powerless and give up.

But you must think conductive or productive to your situation and only then will you make a change.

Avoiding to see that humans have a selfish nature does not mean that selfish nature will be gone.

By focusing on the good aspects of human nature, you’ll find faith in humanity again and inspire them to act on their good natures.

11. It’s all your fault

From cancer, to breakups, to homelessness and any negative experiences, New Age says that it’s all your fault.

You created everything before you reincarnated here? Well, how do you know that?

Because if that’s true, then that implies “Fate” and so there’s really nothing to fix here.

You did not create the planets. You did not create your parents. And you surely did not create earthquakes.

But what you can create is your life, your perception, and your circumstances.

Every action has a equal and opposite reaction.

If you cause nothing, you receive no effect. If you did cause an action, then you reap what you sow.

This occurs both physically and mentally.

The only fault we may ever have is the one we did not learn.

12. Lack of Common Sense

Do you have to do this or be that? Give up having fun? Be a vegetarian?

The answer is No, No, and No.

Either New Age develops you into delusion or perhaps the deluded find solace in the New Age philosophy.

Common sense and moral compass are entirely missing from the many New Agers.

Filled with the need for validating feelings over thinking, we become imbalance and lack basic understanding of life.

The bulk of spiritual teachings are common sense which even children can understand.

New Age is Bullshit?

Now there is much value in some of the New Age beliefs and teachings.

Notice that New Age is an umbrella term for anything Mind, Body and Spirit.

But under that umbrella are also distortions, misrepresentation, and misinterpretation that cause real harm to others.

Mixed with speculations, theories, fantasies, and experimentation, the average seeker will likely be more confused than find clarity in their life.

So what can we do to avoid falling into the New Age traps?

Listen to your intuition, your bullshit meter, and your gut instincts.

Stay in quiet stillness and listen to that inner voice within you.

You cannot go wrong when your Higher Self guides you to the right direction.

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Sakib January 18, 2019 - 9:04 pm

The “new” age actually started in the 19th century. All I can say is watch out for demonic spirits.


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