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12 Signs Showing You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

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Evil is defined as the absence of good. Every person has different definitions of evil and goodness. However, in many cases true evil is very hard to recognize especially for people who always try to find something good in others.

We can not ignore that there are truly evil people around us and we need to learn how to notice the signals that show us when someone means nothing else but to harm us.

1. Reality denial

Regardless of how obvious the truth is these people will always deny it. Their truth is the only that matters even though it is complete opposite of the reality. Their truth is actually reflection of their wicked, unhealthy thoughts and ideas.

2. Fact twisting

These people are incredible manipulators. They are able to twist any fact that they do not want to accept. They possess ability to take things out of context and create a story that is in their favor.

3. Hiding information

All information that they believe can compromise their goals will be immediately withheld. By keeping this information a secret they believe that they are not doing anything wrong i.e. they do not consider this to be lying. However, if this silence harms others than, it is certainly lying. Moreover, they will blame you and make you feel guilty for lacking trust.

4. Misleading people

What they are very good at is misleading you by making you feel attacked, incompetent, vulnerable, afraid or hated. They achieve this by carefully choosing well-thought words.

5. Constant lies

Whatever they may be talking about they will always add” juicy “information because they feel satisfaction when they lie to other people.

6. No remorse

These people will never feel sorry for hurting people. They enjoy destroying relationships or anything that other people find meaningful. They find pleasure in other people’s sufferings. If they see something good, they will do all in their power to destroy it.

7. Avoid responsibility

Lack of moral is one of the key traits of these people. They never admit or apologize for their mistakes.

8. Manipulators

Masters of manipulation is their second name. They always have a plan and will do anything to realize it.

9. Fair-weather friends

They change like the weather. They will be your friends when you are happy and successful. However, as soon as you face hardships they will disappear. Do not expect support from them. They will be around you only if they can gain something.

10. Time thieves

They can not stand other people being successful and they will do anything in their power to prevent them from realizing their plans. They hate when others are better than them .

11. Double lives

They have a different story for everyone. You can never truly get a clear picture of who these people are. They often lead double lives and no one really knows them well.

12. Control freaks

They look at other people as their toys and want to have complete control over them. This can be clearly seen when they lose control over them and their true intentions appear on the surface.

These traits can be found in many people but if you notice more of them in one person then it is time for you to distance from them and to eventually remove them from your life.

Always be careful when somebody appears to be perfect. Try to be more attentive and observant of this person’s interactions because you never know what truly lies beneath.

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