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Known List Of Psychic Abilities And Signs

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Psychic Abilities List – Even though science has yet to validate psychic ability in people, there is a list of psychic abilities that continue to be reported all through our world.

Having a psychic abilities list and understanding how they work is essential if you are enthusiastic about learning about the various kinds of extrasensory perceptions or acquiring your intuitive gifts.

The following psychic abilities list can make up overall categories of ability. While different psychics say they have several of these and some psychics claim to have only 1 of the abilities.

Psychic Abilities List For Acquiring Your Intuitive Gifts.

Astral projection

Astral projection is the ability to cause your conscious awareness to be in a place outside of your physical body. It is also known by many as out of body experience OBE.

Experiencers of this psychic phenomenon report observing their own body on the operating table as medical professionals work to recover them. Some who experience this wake up later and surprise medical staff by describing the details to them.

Aura Reading

Aura reading is the insight that allows a sensitive to perceive a disruption in the air surrounding a person, animal, or object.

Auras are explained differently by many people, while some refer to them purely in scientific term while others refer to auras as spiritual term. Whether spirit or by electromagnetic radiation causes these disturbances, reading auras is a psychic ability that is very common.

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is a technique lots of clairvoyants use to pass info in the spiritual world through their subconscious mind and onto paper. The theory with automatic writing is that the psychics hand is essentially controlled by outside intelligence.


In this case spiritual intelligence takes on the vocal chords of the psychic; channeling is just like automatic writing. The people who have this ability are called mediums; they serve as the vessel for communication to take place with the unseen entity.


Clairvoyance describes the ability of a psychic to determine visions of events, individuals and areas which are far away, or beyond the ordinary perceptual scope of the psychic. This form of psychic ability is also known as remote viewing.


Clairaudience is much like clairvoyance, except it’s centered on the power to hear things which is generally not audible to normal hearing. This ability is not about hearing voices of spirits; rather it’s the ability to hear the voices of people who are very far away from the psychic.


Clairsentience is only the recognition of a fact or bit of information which is hidden from the psychic. An example would be if the psychic met someone for the first time and they knew their birthday or their name, this would be clairsentience.

Animal Telepathy

Animal telepathy is a generally known ability to speak with animals. Additionally called pet psychics, these individuals are said to have a psychic link with the thoughts and feelings of animals. Many also consider that people who are great at training animals most likely have this telepathy without knowing it.


More generally known activities practiced by all the commercial psychics such as fortune telling are bound by divination. Divinity is basically the psychic’s ability to predict the future.


Dowsing is an age old craft of utilizing poles or sticks to find items. This is a technique used for many decades to find water. Many people swear saying that it works, but not many can explain why.


Intuition is the innate sense of knowing events, thoughts, activities or feelings of other people that are outside the normal human capability to perceive them. As an example, someone with remarkable intuition could possess a powerful feeling that a person has a drinking problem despite the fact that the individual shows no outward appearance of being alcoholic. Often an intuitive person has a borderline sense.


This is a very rare ability to levitate one’s body above the ground. Levitation is reported in several instances of demonic possession, but it is also been reported in other spiritual instances, including the instance of St. Theresa of Avila during the 16th century. When many have witnessed seeing her levitate while she was meditating during mass.


With precognition the psychic has the ability to foretell the future. This type of future examination involves getting special details about an event, as opposed to a visual “viewing” of the future.


In psychometry, the psychic has the ability to perceive energies from any object. This skill was described frequently in TV shows and films in which a psychic touches an item and receives flashbacks about anyone who last touched it.


This is the ability to spark fire with the mind. This is a highly skilled form of psychokinesis. Just because someone has pyrokinetic skill does not mean that she or he has all variations of psychokinesis.


Psychokinesis or telekinesis is among the most often depicted psychic powers in the media. It mostly relates to the ability of a psychic to affect or move items.


This is the ability to communicate with others just through mental thought only.

There you have it the psychic abilities list, which of these abilities do you have?

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1 comment

Amir Latefi January 1, 2019 - 10:43 pm

Psychometry is one of the toughest one. Actually seeing the energetic essence of the universe as the shamans would say “luminous fibers spreading from everything”. Humans have energetic fibers that goes through their solar plexuses connected to the great eagle which is supposedly one of Gods chakras. Right now I’m practicing the gates of dreaming and creating my psychic dreaming body double. I’m still at the first gate of dreaming.


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