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The Science Is In, And Yes — Yoga Helps With Depression

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by Conscious Reminder

Do you practice yoga? Do you believe that it can help you cure almost all of your diseases and problems? If yes, then you are right. Even science now agrees on the fact that yoga is beneficial for the overall health of an individual.

The ancient practice of Yoga is believed to be miraculous, as it can have a very positive effect on your physical and mental health. It was believed from a long time now that yoga can even cure mental problems like Depression, but a definitive proof for it was lacking.

New research has shown that yoga is not only able to alter the fabric of brain, but it can also change your DNA for better.

A new study on yoga by a medical center in San Francisco has shown that, practicing yoga can help to reduce the symptoms of depression. The study was done on 23 male Veterans. They practiced yoga for 2 months, twice a week. The results were astounding, all of the 23 males reported noticeable reduction in symptoms of depression.

A few more studies across the world also prove the same point. Interestingly, the results of these studies are sweeping. Almost 95% of the subjects report considerable reduction in depression. Thus these studies conclude that yoga is extremely beneficial in mental illness.

“At this time, we can only recommend yoga as a complementary approach, likely most effective in conjunction with standard approaches delivered by a licensed therapist,” said Lindsey Hopkins, PhD, who chaired the research presentation. “Clearly, yoga is not a cure-all. However, based on empirical evidence, there seems to be a lot of potential.”

This ancient tradition of India is proving to be a boon for the modern day man, as it provides almost all the cures for our major problems.

Practicing yoga will help you maintain a healthy balance between your mind, your body and your soul. Do it at least twice a week.

What do you think about the therapeutic effects of yoga? Share your views with us.

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