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10 Key Tips On How To Make A Deep Connection With Your Soul Tribe

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Are you one of the lucky ones who have recently awakened to a completely new consciousness? If the answer is ‘Yes’, chances are quite some people will simply disappear from your life.

However, don’t let the alarm go off just yet. There is no real reason to be worried because people who were actually mean to be present in your life for all the right reasons will show up.

In this article, I am going to share 10 essential tips that can and will help you to find your Soul Tribe: 

1. Be Authentic

Always try to be original. Never ever try to hide anything from the people with whom you are really going to create a group. Show up the best and worst side of yours to them.

2. Take Responsibility

You need to take certain responsibilities in order to strengthen your relationship with your acquaintances. Always remember if you keep on doing the blame game nobody is going to stay in your life.

3. Consciously Decide

One should take decision wisely. Choose your path what do you want in your future and what you don’t and then act accordingly. Never cry over the spilled milk. It is your life and you should decide carefully.

4. Evaluate Relationships

Sit back and think about those people with whom your things are not working out. This doesn’t have to be they are bad. Create a wall around yourself and only allow them to enter whom you want in your life.

5. Cultivate Relationships

There are people in your life who are exactly like you. They will try to push you and encourage you to achieve something. Try to find out such people in our life.

6. Cut the ties that bind

Cut all the negative energy from your life. They will make you demoralize and also will not allow you to proceed further. Cut such negativity and try to be positive.

7. Shine and Evolve

Never tend to be muddy in your life. Stay bright and shine like glass. Try to increase your contact with those people who really want to see your bright side. Start developing gradually. This can actually attract a lot of people.

8. Raise your vibration

Be clear about your vision and try to attract people who have same visions like you. If you have a strong sense of knowledge in music; try to attract people with that. By this way, you can actually create your own clan.

9. Seek Higher Guidance

Ask Guardian to give a proper guidance in choosing your team. And by Guardian here I mean to seek help from celestial. They will show you the way and the right people to choose.

10. Recognize your people when you find them

Always keep your senses sharp. Try to note down who are coming into your consciousness. Recognize them, try to build up a healthy relationship with them and this is how you can create a home team.

Long story short, if you want someone who will appreciate you for who you are and help you become the bet version of yourself…drop the mask, lift the veil!

Let these kindred souls see the real you. It’s the only way you will make the so wanted deep connection. 

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