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Here Is How You Can Rescue The Rest Of Your 2017, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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By Stutti Bhattacharya

We start off a new year pretending that everything will magically change, and a new year will bring fresh opportunities into our lives.

While that might be true, it is also important to remember the power of individual agency, and work towards improving ourselves. Even if astrology supports you with amazing star power, your lack of effort, or ill-timed drive, might force you to stay stagnant. So, here we list how each of you can rescue whatever little is left of the year 2017, based on your astrological sign.

# Aries

Aries, you probably got off to a bad start this year. But by the end 2017, that will change if you want it to. October will bring romance, and passion, so don’t run away from people the way you usually do. November is going to bring you good career prospects, and the stars will support you if you have goals to realize, till 2018.

# Taurus

The rest of the year, especially in October, is going to bring a lot of emotions into your life. Your desire for a partner and intimacy will grow immensely, and this is a good time to pursue such interests. Till 2018, your work won’t receive as much recognition as you’d like, so rescue your year by not letting the lack of rewards affect your dedication.

# Gemini

Your year started with a lot of mental back and forth, and this will unfortunately continue. Mid-November will bring a square between Mercury (which rules communication) and Neptune (which rules deception and illusions) making you question your thinking. You might be inclined to disagree with those who try to show you why you’re wrong, but try not to.

# Cancer

This year is all about working hard, and playing harder, especially with your family. Your involvement in domestic matters, be it related to having children, or meeting family, will take centre-stage this year. Plus, instead of trying something new, re-asses your career and relationships, so that the soul-searching, scrutiny, and analysis results in positive changes.

# Leo

Your year will be rescued by the conditions of clarity and progress that the stars will bring into your life in the second half of the year. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to try. Let your responsible, dependable, and generous side shine, and subdue your ego if you indeed want to come across as the leader you see yourself as.

# Virgo

Virgo, this year could be good or bad for you depending on how you spend your money. You’re likely to get an increment in finances but you might overspend, or make a large purchase instead of investing the money wisely. You will get career or educational opportunities, especially through those close to home, like relatives, neighbours, or family, so be open to that.

# Libra

Libra, forget your relationships for once, and ditch the thought of committing to anything. This year is not ideal for that. It is ideal for your career, and for money-making opportunities, so focus your energies towards that, instead of wasting time on thoughts of marriage and love. Rushing into romantic liaisons is a bad idea now.

# Scorpio

Scorpio, stop focusing on the negativities in your relationship-be it about your own issues, or your partner’s. It will consume your energy too much and lead nowhere. Instead, sort out your finances, health, and work. The planets will enable progress in these areas. This is a great time to go with the flow, because your strength lies in doing everything you do with excellence.

# Sagittarius

This year might come with disruptions in your personal life, but they will all lead to progress. You will be blessed with a lot of useful acquaintances if you try. October will bring significant changes in your romantic life, when you will be forced to face a depth of emotions you didn’t know you were capable of, amplifying your emotional issues. As a free bird, you might not like this complex onslaught of intensity, but it will force you to introspect and think about who you really are.

# Capricorn

The year will begin with a lot of frustration, especially of the romantic nature. But, by Mid-November, you will let go of the romantic ideals you had in the past, and embrace the new, which will pleasantly surprise you. As far as work is concerned, you’d do well to trust your intuition, and make decisions a little more speedily based on that, instead of being indecisive.

# Aquarius

You might be feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, both in your career and love life. You might become overconfident because of this, and think you are better than your current job, or your superiors; know your limits! The same goes for your love life, where you might try to spice things up by getting too raunchy or crazy, so again, know your limits!

# Pisces

A lot of expansion, illumination, and new opportunities come your way this year. Your career will see changes as you realign your mind, and re-focus your career to comply more with who you are inside. If you were stuck in a soulless job, you might change paths this year. Focus on that, instead of paying too much attention to your personal life.

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