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Mercury Transit Virgo Aug 29 – Sep 14 : Focus And Productivity

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by Conscious Reminder

Virgo is one of the home signs of Mercury so their combined energies bring great results for us all. Mercury guides our thoughts, ideas, processing of ideas, and communications.

Virgo makes us pragmatic, detail-oriented, and hard-working. Hence when Mercury transits in Virgo this month, we will be at our productive best!

Mercury Transits In Virgo

As Mercury transits in Virgo, our minds become sharper and communications become more precise and efficient. Focus is on getting to the point directly, avoiding clutter. Virgo helps us analyze data better and hence the clarity of thoughts and communications.

Mercury’s transit in Virgo brings great productivity for all. Progress awaits those who are willing to put in the hard work. As our intentions stray from useless conversations to useful information, we seek details which will take us forward.

Virgo loves to criticize and during this particular transit, beware of your criticisms. Discernment is good when practiced in moderation. Fault-finding could not only hurt others around you but also your own self. Tact is what you have to practice now to avoid conflicts or hurting others.

Mercury Retrograde In Virgo

Virgo is the ruler of our pragmatic life – work, routine, health, all included. Mercury rules the sign of Virgo so a Retrograde would pronounce delays in work commitments and communication problems at the professional level.

The Retrograde could also bring back previously healed health issues now. Since both Virgo and Mercury are associated with information, misunderstandings in contracts will crop up during the Retrograde period. Clarity might lack in all aspects of life.

But the positive side of the Mercury Retrograde in Virgo brings you the energy to get back to unfinished projects or even an old exercise routine. Revisit a previous artistic pursuit, the end of the Retrograde might bring you success in this aspect!

Born In Mercury-Virgo Transit?

Traits: Discerning, Exact Witty, Meticulous, Sharp, Purposeful, Quick,  Realistic, Refined

Virgo babies, in general, are blessed with sharp minds which can comprehend easily various complex patterns and problems. They have the power of reality: viewing the world in its truest form. Unlike most, your ambitions are based in real life and are attainable with hard work. Lofty and unrealistic dreams are not for you.

Mercury blesses you with clarity in communication. This clarity helps you to express yourself precisely and decisively, which helps you move ahead faster.

When Mercury and Virgo combine, they make you suffer from the burden of perfectionism. You can be critical to a fault and your constant need for perfection exhaust you and those around you. Your honest opinions can be harsh at times so embrace tact and forgiveness. They will help you deal with the frustration of perfectionism, or the lack of it.

Very few get to know the witty side of you. Everyone sees the serious and pragmatic you but your humor is reserved only for the right ones. This addition to your personality softens the harshness that Mercury and Vigo combine to bring into your personality.

As mercury and Virgo help us hone our professional lives, we must be mindful of those around us. Success is important but not at the cost of hurting others.

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