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Things People Don’t Understand You Are Doing Because Of Your Self-Respect

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Self-respect is one of the most important traits of our personality.

It is what teaches us to maintain our integrity and self-worth. But people sometimes mistake your self-respect for arrogance.

Here is a list of times when you may feel like standing up for your self-respect but you might get wrongly branded:

1. You do not want to listen to apologies if the person saying it does not mean it.

2. Living life king size is your motto. Your goal is to increase your happiness in life rather than increasing your bank balance.

3. If you have a strong self-worth, you help people only when you are sure that you can channelize your energy in such a way that it will help the both of you.

4. You always find something productive to do whenever hangouts turn into a gossip.

5. People with high self-respect do something that is productive and meaningful in life rather than spending time with useless people.

6. You do what you think is right and you don’t justify your actions to people.

7. You reply to texts and messages only when you have free time. Nobody can get you into the instant-reply mode, if you don’t want to.

8. Your decisions are yours to make. You go out when you want to and return when you want to. Seconds opinions do not matter.

9. When you are wrongly accused of anything you stand up for yourself.

10.People with high respect for oneselves are trend-setters. You are likely to break the norms and stop following stereotypes.

11.You stick by your decisions and you don’t change even when the circumstances have.

12.Social media does not dictate your life. You have better things to do than allow virtual reality to control your life when you have so much meaningful to accomplish.

13.Nobody can question your sense of justice. You speak up when someone is being wronged.

14.You don’t waste your time on people who don’t want to change.

15.You drink responsibly.

16.Yes, you want the king-size life and follow your heart. But that doesn’t mean you live in the air. You think twice before spending money.

17.You do not follow advice that would be unheard of in a few months.

18.You do not worry about the pictures uploaded on social media.

19.You can be creative when the situation needs you to be.

20.There is no helping people who are hypocrites.

21.You do not always cover up for your co-workers.

22.You do not believe in showing off and your dressing sense reflects your personality.

23.You never envy your competitor when they succeed.

24.You are open to criticism and you don’t want everyone’s approval.

25.You have accepted the fact that there are people who hate you.

26.You always make the right call.

27.You never expect more out of a relationship than what it already has to offer.

28.You do not delay your work.

29.You never let people strong-arm you.

30. You live life the way it should be lived.

If you are someone who is likely to take these steps, you have a rock-solid self-esteem and you do not let go of it, no matter what people think of you. We salute your spirit!

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