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Is Your Child Showing Any Of These 10 Symptoms? They May Be A Natural Born Empath

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by Conscious Reminder

Do you know that there are actually some signs to prove whether your child is a natural born empath or not?

Let us see how many signs are present in your child:

1. Less Friends:

It will surely be difficult for a natural born empath to have a lot of friends because they realize the shallowness of having many friendships. For them, only a few loyal ones matter.

2. Stress:

The natural born empath will take the stress of the people around them. Even their stress might affect your child if they are naturally born empaths.

3. Acting out:

Yes, they might actually act out if you are upset because they do not know how to handle their emotions.

4. Connection with plants and animals:

They love plants and animals far more than other children.

5. Intuitive:

Their intuition is actually very strong. They might know about things even before they have happened.

6. Loners:

They like to spend time alone and this is usually because they are far more mature than children their age.

7. They have problems to fit in:

Yes, they might be socially awkward and they might even feel that they don’t mingle easily with the children around them.

8. Crowd Haters:

They are uncomfortable and overwhelmed in huge crowds. Even family gatherings affect them and make them over emotional and upset sometimes.

9. Repulsed by loud noises:

Yes, they will also be uncomfortable in a place with loud music or a lot of sound. They will be super weird in a place which has loud noises.

10. They know the lies:

Yes, this is shocking but they can actually figure out if someone is lying to them. They can even know if people have bad intentions for them or any of their family members.

If you could see a lot of the signs that are mentioned above in your child, you are lucky. Nurture your child because not everyone can be a natural born empath.

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