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Weekly Horoscope: January 29th To February 4th, 2018 ~ Full Moon Eclipse

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by Nadia Gilchrist


The January 31st Full Moon eclipse in Leo is surrounded by multiple aspects to Venus in Aquarius. Venus provides the counterpoint to the eclipse’s Great Mother energies (this eclipse conjoins Ceres).

For those of you not familiar with Ceres, she was a crop goddess whose daughter was taken by the king of the underworld. She represents the full spectrum of nurturing, growth, loss and rebirth (her daughter eventually returned and was allowed to spend part of the year with her).

Ceres conjunct this eclipse is maximum mothering energies. Nurturing used to dominate and demand attention, as a defence against the fear of loss (mother as Queen or diva). Nurturing used to grow something you’re creating, or celebrate a season of abundance. This eclipse will be a result, so you’ve been building up to this.

  • Jan 29th: Venus conjoins the Aquarius South Node
  • Feb 3rd: Venus conjoins Juno
  • Feb 4th: Venus squares Jupiter

Venus’ opposition to Ceres will emphasize the theme of this eclipse. What’s needed will be represented by Moon/Ceres, and what’s wanted will be represented by Venus. The two are in opposition, which will create some interesting tension.

Venus/South Node is the karmic relationship contract, or the culmination of a self-esteem/financial issue. All in the Aquarian context of individuation, detachment or alienation. Venus/Juno suggests an agreement with someone else, and Venus/Jupiter is the burst of optimism and freedom. No matter what Venus brings into your life during this time, she will be asking for room to breath. If it’s good, you won’t have complete ownership of it (maybe no ownership). If it’s not so good, the death grip of neediness/control will make it feel worse.

Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius on the same day as the eclipse says that detached information will be part of the package. The eclipse itself may be quite dramatic, but the accompanying discussion should be cool and clear.


Aspects to Venus in your social sector can hi-light a close friendship or romantic attraction that accelerates quickly. This could be someone from your past, or someone you’ve just met (but feel that you’ve always known). There could be a blend of friendship and romance, with a pull to advance this attraction into a partnership.

The eclipse in your sector of self-expression adds significance to the above Venus energies with a culmination or intensified push for romance or recognition. Ceres suggests the importance of nurturing what’s most precious to you, but her opposition to Venus can trigger jealousy or dissatisfaction with the amount of love/attention that’s available. Fears of losing someone, or (or on larger scale) fears of being ignored by your “audience” could result in moody, dramatic displays. What you want will be illuminated, but these energies are not all about you. On a different note, these influences could indicate a public launch, the birth of a child or creative project.

Mercury into your social sector increases this eclipse’s public energy, with an announcement, speech or cards-on-the table conversation. Even if the subject is private, the results will be known to others.


Aspects to Venus in your career sector focus on a professional relationship, or a romantic partnership that impacts your career and future goals. Your professional image will be key, and there could be advancement and/or a lucrative contract/agreement. Watch for enthusiastic support (or pushiness) from someone close to you. Overall, you should be feeling confident about how your future is unfolding.

The eclipse in your domestic sector ties in home and family issues with the above energies. There may be a key decision about family versus career, and your next step will be strongly influenced by what you’re nurturing at home. In some cases, the demands of family may interfere with your career goals (watch for domineering parental energy to take centre stage). There may be fears about losing a family member, or your domestic security, if you make the wrong choice.

Mercury into your career sector suggests that this eclipse will also feature an official announcement, key conversation with management or (in some cases) a resignation letter if domestic concerns trump professional goals.


Aspects to Venus in your sector of opportunities suggests developments involving education, travel, long distance, a long-distance relationship or publishing have reached a point of culmination. It may be time to build on what you have, flesh out the details of the partnership, or verbalize what you want. This could be an enthusiastic leap forward into new territory, even if the contact involves someone from your past. In some cases, there may be an enthusiastic release from a partnership, as you move on and explore new territory.

The eclipse in your communication sector (and Mercury into your opportunities sector) could deliver powerful results related to the above. There could be an announcement, official decision or final conversation. This is about verbalizing what needs to be nurtured, or classifying mother/child issues. There may be some tension between what you want to explore versus what needs to be defined. This will push you to clarify or categorize what’s most precious to you.


Aspects to Venus in your sector of shared resources can hi-light the terms and conditions of an intimate relationship, or the money that you owe/share. This could be a time-has-come moment regarding self-sufficiency in an intimate relationship, or how much you’re prepared to give. Watch for impulsive urges to spend or declare your intentions. Too, you may be expecting more than the other person is ready to give.

The eclipse in your sector of personal resources can illuminate exactly what you need, financially and emotionally. Nurturing your personal security may confront you with what’s actually available from an intimate relationship. Or, there could be a turning point in your earnings, saving or spending. It may be time to grow your own resources or declare your primary requirements. A relationship that does not support these things may end.

Mercury into your sector of shared resources will stimulate discussions/realizations about the above. Mercury can help you approach uncomfortable or heavy discussions with a dispassionate approach, so you’re not swamped by emotions.


Aspects to Venus in your partnership sector suggest a turning point in a new or existing relationship. There could be a new attraction with a “fated” feeling to it, and a sense that it would be natural to become partners. An existing relationship can achieve unity as you both decide to move forward, together. There may be an enthusiastic rush to the next level.

The eclipse in your sign emphasizes your primary needs and an issue/project that you’ve been nurturing. You’ll want to put yourself first, but this could conflict with what a partner/potential partner wants. Your fears of not getting enough attention, or losing something precious, could be activated as you take on the (s)mothering role. Try to find a balance between yourself and your partner – your path forward involves acknowledging that they are a unique individual. If the disparity between your demands and what they want is too much, the relationship may end. Mercury into your relationship sector will give your partner a clear voice – make sure you listen to what they’re saying.


Aspects to Venus in your sector of routine can bring issues around an unbalanced relationship, or your efforts to serve/improve, to a head. There may be more for you to do, or you may feel the enthusiastic urge to help. Too, this could be about moving on from certain health or work habits.

The eclipse in your hidden sector will illuminate background issues connected to the above. Perviously obscured motivations may be revealed, along with unacknowledged needs, resentments and fears of loss. You may be confronted with your urge to nurture someone who doesn’t want your help, or, you may have to release control over a situation that cannot be improved any further – you’ve done all that you can do. The key will be tuning into your genuine needs rather than distracting yourself with what’s on the surface. In some cases, you may be able to move past a block and find new inspiration in your daily work.

Mercury into your sector of routine can help, with an injection of facts, logic, diagnoses or solutions. Mercury can clarify what you know, and it will be up to you to carry this further.


Aspects to Venus in your sector of self-expression can bring up ongoing issues around receiving love, attention and appreciation for who you really are (rather than the persona you project for others). A powerful attraction could be the catalyst for this, and it could be brand new or an attraction from the past. Too, there could be opportunities to celebrate or launch a creative project. Watch for a surge of confidence, or a desire to cut loose/spend more/take an emotional or financial risk.

The eclipse in your social sector takes the above issues and makes them very public. Who you are in the eyes of others (friends, groups) or who you’d like to be will be illuminated, along with your happiness or dissatisfaction about this. This could be about nurturing a friendship, or feeling the tension between who you want to be versus your role in the group. Feelings of self-worth and attractiveness will be enhanced if you’re honouring your true self, and compromised if you’ve been focusing on making others happy.

Mercury into your sector of self-expression will give you the voice or vision that allows you to put your desires into words. Excellent for creative work, romantic interactions or public declarations.


Aspects to Venus in your domestic sector (including the square to Jupiter in your sign) can bring exuberant progress around a domestic relationship, home improvement, home business or relocation. This could be a sweet moment of achievement involving home/family, as you gain something you’ve been hoping for. What you want will be aligned with partnership agreements.

The eclipse in your career sector can hi-light a professional or future goal that you’ve been nurturing. Or, there could be issues with emotional domination and mother/child dynamics. What you need (success, attention) will be emphasized, and your reactions may be exaggerated, depending on whether or not you feel that your needs are being met. A career achievement is a possibility, but there may be tension between personal versus professional goals, as you attempt to step into the spotlight. There could also be a split between what you want versus what you need.

Despite the focus on career, Mercury into your domestic sector makes the conversation about home and family. Your attention will be drawn to what’s important to those closest to you, or how success might change your domestic life.


Aspects to Venus in your communication sector can activate a message from a past attraction/partner, or a present-day agreement with a partner. There’s a sense of conclusion, or a time-is-ripe moment to say “yes” and take it further. Enthusiasm may be strong, but make sure you’re seeing all the facts and not just what you’re hoping will happen.

The eclipse in your opportunities sector can illuminate a result/conclusion involving travel, education, legal matters, publishing or exploration. It may be time to take a potential (that you’ve been nurturing) further, although there may be some conflict around the details of the contract, document or agreement. Even if the overall result is favourable, look closely at the content of what’s being delivered. Mercury into your communication sector urges you to remain a bit detached (in order to make sense of what’s happening) despite the emotional rush.


Aspects to Venus in your sector of personal resources emphasizes financial agreements, spending habits or security/self-esteem issues that are ripe for development. These influences can make you feel good about what you have, while also presenting opportunities to earn more or declare your readiness to merge your resources with someone you trust.

The eclipse in your sector of shared resources can hi-light an issue with debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. This could be about taking things a step deeper, or investing (emotionally or financially) in something significant. Fears of loss/vulnerability can be activated, since you will be giving up some control. However, this does not mean a loss is inevitable, although in some cases, this eclipse could mark the end of a relationship or financial chapter.

Mercury into your sector of personal resources helps you write/verbalize the essentials – there could be a document signing or conversation about what you must have. Mercury can help you gain a clear-eyed, dispassionate view of how this merger or ending will impact your security.


Aspects to Venus in your sign can reunite you with a significant person from the past, or trigger a first-time connection with someone who feels very familiar. Too, an existing relationship could reach a turning point or ending, depending on how you and your partner are handling issues such as independence or detachment. These aspects can also be about you coming to terms with your approach to all relationships (friendship or romantic) – the key issue will be your insistence on being yourself and trusting that others will accept you as you are. There could also be an exciting career opportunity that allows you to make the most of your unique talents. All scenarios will be boosted with a bold surge of confidence (even if there’s an ending). You’re on the right path.

The eclipse in your partnership sector illuminates the impact that others have on you. This could be about a singular partnership, or your close connections in general – watch for issues of trust, pride and balance to be emphasized. The nurturing of a relationship (or others’ attempts to nurture you) can hi-light a bit of tension between allowing someone to care for you versus your constant drive to do your own thing. Too, there can be questions around what you want versus what they need. Mercury into your sign will open up the conversation on this one, urging you to speak out. Mercury can also give you the power to negotiate and clarify (this will apply to a business relationship as well).


Aspects to Venus in your hidden sector can trigger the release of a loved one, the memory of a loved one, or the activation of a hidden attraction/potential. Ideals about love, how to love or what you want in the future can expand, pushing you past a block or silence. Watch for an opportunity to bring something out into the open.

The eclipse in your sector of routine can expose a health or work issue, along with previously unacknowledged fears of loss or failure. Too, there could be domineering attempts to control through care giving, or a move forward towards a healthier way of living/working for yourself. Dietary issues could also be featured. Whatever is emphasized on the surface will spotlight what’s going on behind the scenes. Mercury into your hidden sector stirs up background issues even more, putting what’s vague or undefined into words, as well as sharpening your intuition about these developments -pay attention to hints and what’s unspoken.

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