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Taurus Blue Moon Rising October 31st: Revolution Of Consciousness

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by Conscious Reminder

Halloween 2020 will be complete with a Blue Moon in Taurus this October. This rare Blue Moon is quite potent, with intense energies surrounding it.

With the impact of the unpredictable Uranus and Mercury stationing direct soon after the Moon, the coming few days will bring some disturbing energies.

While Uranus will add unexpected changes to our routines, it will also create an atmosphere of rebellion. Anxious energy will add to the frustrations caused by the Mercury Retrograde. There will be delays and disagreements, which might give rise to civil unrest and violence.

Blue Moon Astrology

The Blue Moon in October will rise at 8 degrees of Taurus and will be conjuncting Uranus. Together these can create disruptive influence in the coming days. Mercury Retrograde is also locked in a square with Saturn, which will last for another two weeks.

Uranus And The Full Moon

The Halloween Blue Moon conjunct Uranus will make us restless, impatient, and anxious. Emotional volatility and a sense of rebellion will be accompanied by impulsive actions and rapid changes.

These impending changes will particularly affect our relationships. Tempers will flare, instigated by isolation, detachment, and a sense of instability. The best way to tackle this Full Moon is to be open and flexible. With a broad perspective, you will be able to make the most of the creative opportunities rising in front of you.

Mercury Retrograde

The final Mercury Retrograde of the year will be active as the Full Moon rises. With the Saturn square, it will bring pessimism, seriousness, and misunderstandings.

With Uranus, Mercury Retrograde, and the Saturn square, impatience and lack of concentration seem imminent. Make sure you pay attention to all kinds of details and don’t jump to conclusions.

Avoid making any major decisions until the square wears off. If you have to work on any contracts and legal matters, ask for professional advice before signing.

Blue Moon Summary

Although the Halloween Blue Moon rises in the grounded sign of Taurus, the other influences are more intense this time. On a personal level, we will all experience restlessness and isolation.

Emotional unavailability and inability to express our thoughts will cause further damage. But the fixed star Hamal can bring us some success that rises from our hard work and can also bring good luck in matters related to marriage.

The virtues of patience and open-mindedness are the only support for us now. Only the patient ones will be able to spot the opportunities in these uncertain times.

Mercury Retrograde with Saturn brings its own disruptive energies. But when Mercury turns direct on 3rd November, it can cause riots and violence. Being the date for the US elections, such energies on this day is extremely worrying.

The impact of this Blue Moon will last till the New Moon on 15th November. The impact of the 16th October New Moon adds to its effect. Hence anger, frustration, and resentment still follow us. Polarization and extremism will cause conflict and violence.

Irrespective of the energies surrounding this Blue Moon, we can make the most of it if we stay focused. Don’t give in to your impulses and think twice before every action.

Halloween will surely be spooky, but why not enjoy it instead of fearing it?

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