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Open Vs. Closed Chakras: Decoding Your Energetic Immune System

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by Conscious Reminder

Long before modern technology and science, ancient cultures knew that all living things carried a life force with them.

Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel. Chakras are the centers of energy that move inside of us.  The chakras are primarily divided into 2 parts.

The first five chakras, from root to throat, are the Earth chakras nourished primarily by Mother Earth. The sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth chakras are known as the Sky Chakras.

By now we all know that we all have chakras within us but how do we find out if they are open or not and if they are closed how do we open them?

Keeping Your Chakras Clean And Open

Time and again we have come across the fact that open chakras can have powerful healthy impact on our system. It helps you get hold of the spiritual energy that your body requires for proper functioning. But having your chakras open is also a matter of risk. It has high chances of attracting negative energy as well.

Therefore, protecting your open chakras is a must. Cleansing is equally important. Now you might be thinking why it at all important to open our chakras if it is risky? Well the answer is already told. Chakras are vital sources. They are our energy centers. And when these important centers are closed you can feel very tired and exhausted too soon.

How It Feels When Your Chakras Are Closing

The only person who can truly answer if your chakras are closed is you yourself. You can find the answer by simply analyzing and asking yourself how you truly feel. You need to understand whether you constantly feel tired without any hard labor, more like as if your soul is tired and you don’t have enough energy to communicate or go about the day and whether you constantly struggle to show interest in anything.

Constantly feeling tired and feeling like no amount of sleep can fix it could be an indication that your chakras are closed. The seven chakras can also indicate specific problems in different body parts. There can also be a chance that you are unable to understand the signals your body is giving then you can easily use a pendulum.

They are often made of crystal balls. You can even tie a string to a ring and make it work as a pendulum. Hold your pendulum over the chakra that you think needs to open and focus as it moves in circles. Small circle may indicate closed chakras whereas big circles mean open chakras.

What To Do If The Damage Has Already Been Done

Once you find out whether your chakras are open or not there is no reason for you to be worried about your closed chakras. Your first step of detecting is already done. The next thing that you need to do is heal yourself by practice.

It’s not a one day thing. You have to continue for a while for it to be effective and chakras to open. See a clear red ball in 2-4 inches diameter. Visualize it glowing brighter and even spinning. Practice this for ten minutes every day and you shall see the difference yourself.

The other things that can help is praying or even recommending a psychic healer. Closed chakras are not rare so there’s nothing to panic or be scared about. You can always solve this problem.

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