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Astrological Transits For September 2017 – Shedding Chaos And Finding Love

And that’s when I know it’s over. As soon as you start thinking about the beginning, it’s the end.

— Junot Díaz

Janus was the God of thresholds. His specialty was the space straddling the day just past and the day not yet bloomed, like a man facing dawn witnessing the spilling of light over the Eastern horizon as the chill of night air still beckons at his back.

Many, rightly or wrongly, associate Janus with January, that dark, spartan month of resolutions, regimes, and reinventions. Mostly, we reinvent our pasts, although we believe we aim to reinvent our futures: hidden amongst our list of New Year wishes is a silent cry to erase who we ‘were’ – who we know ourselves to be – and start anew.

When I went to change my calendar from August to September today, I had a realization that much more changes at this particular flipping of pages: now the Sun, like life, leans into stillness. The bustle of Summer comes to a close, and the shadows on the lawn stretch and elongate; a similar distortion creeps into the mind’s eye.

There is much Janus and September share, for September is the month when we begin to see the end. Instinctively, if reluctantly, our minds turn back to the beginning.

How far have we come? How much yet is there left to do?

Somewhere among the last shadows of Summer and the shards of the solar eclipse, we find September.


The middle third of September may feel like watching re-runs: these ten days hold a few repeat transits from previous weeks and months, most of which serve to tie up loose ends that Mercury unraveled during his retrograde period. There are also a string of aspects throughout this period that look light-handed but lovely enough for romantic endeavors.

September 13th will hold the last of three Mercury-Juno trines, which previously occurred on July 30th and August 27th, covering 2-4° of Virgo-Capricorn. Over this period, we may have been developing our partnership communication skills. Juno in Capricorn has high standards, and Mercury in Virgo wants to analyze and perfect; hopefully, for many, this has resulted in productive, if sometimes critical conversations with our nearest and dearest.

September 16th holds the second of two Mercury-Mars conjunctions, the first of which occurred earlier this month on September 3rd. Mercury and Mars together can create verbal conflict, and in Virgo, it could get hyper-critical very quickly. This type of transit could have us reorganizing our spice rack and color-coding our closet; the best way to direct this burst of energy would be to funnel it in the direction of self-improvement or projects in need of perfection.

September 20th is the last of three Mercury-Pallas trines, which previously occurred on August 8th and 13th, covering 10-13° Taurus-Virgo. Mercury and Pallas together are a strategist’s dream come true: under the cool light of their rational eyes, the next best move becomes clear as day. Plans may have been conceptualized, bettered, and implemented under these transits, although Mercury’s retrograde might have injected a clever hiccup or two into the works. It may now be clear that what previously looked like chaos was order in disguise.

Chiron opposes Vesta on September 11th, the same day that Jupiter sextiles the North Node. I wonder if there may be a need to withdraw and let go: on this day the Moon will move into its Balsamic phase, signaling a need to shed what is no longer needed, while Chiron’s painful gaze may be directed at Vesta’s workaholic, single-minded ways. Jupiter’s North Node nod may suggest that a sense of generosity, even if just for ourselves, is the way forward.

Those feel-good instincts may find a balanced outlet of expression on September 12th, when Venus trines Saturn; responsibilities may seem more like a pleasure on this day, and romantic attachments will feel solid (and grown up AF).

The next day when the Sun squares Saturn (September 13th) is traditionally considered a day of low-energy, and unlike the previous day, our to-do list may weigh heavy on our minds and bodies. Whatever we’re working towards across Virgo & Sagittarius may seem like more trouble than it’s worth. This is a quick-moving but frustrating transit: you’d be best to try and keep your eyes on the prize and your brain out of the deep end.

September 14th, 15th, and 18th are all good days for matters of heart and art, as Venus will make a few kind connections. On the 14th, Venus will be conjunct the North Node, and while it is somewhat cheap to say this transit may bring about fated, karmic romantic interactions, it’s also likely. If you’re desperately seeking someone, you might as well take a punt on today and play your luck. The next day (September 15th) is just as nice and possibly even more so when Jupiter and Venus will exchange pleasant rays, creating a fun and lively atmosphere for drinks, eats, and winks; Chiron trine Ceres on the same day may drum up a nurturing connection that soothes the soul. The last of these aspects on the 18th when Venus trines Uranus is the most volatile, but may also be the most exciting. Love or attraction can come out of nowhere – and fast.

After this, Venus moves into Virgo, which is a less amenable sign for the lady of love, so make hay while the Sun still shines.

When Chiron opposes the Sun and Mercury opposes Neptune on September 19th, you might want to have your emotional first-aid kit to hand. Mercury opposite Neptune is not necessarily bad, but it can be confusing; whatever thoughts arise may not be clear, accurate, or helpful. Coupled with the Chiron-Sun opposition, however, profound pain may surface on this day to shine a light on whatever work your soul wishes to lead you closer to understanding. This is a day best spent feeling our way through it, using our body instead of the mind as a guide.

The New Moon in Virgo on September 20th continues in this vein, with the Sun and Moon both opposing Chiron. We may feel wounded, both body and soul. Yet, wherever there is pain, healing lurks, too. What we’ll need to be wary of are any slippery tendencies to fall into patterns of victimization (Mercury opposite Neptune) or mind-numbing escapism (Mars opposite Neptune). Feelings of inadequacy may arise, and under Virgo’s critical gaze, we may feel sorely lacking in one way or another; it will be important, and more productive, however, if we can focus on why these feelings have manifested and not project this pain onto others.


The Sun-Ceres sextile on September 21st may be useful for seeing to whatever wounds opened up on the previous day’s New Moon. Equally helpful may be the Mercury trine to Pluto on the next day, September 22nd. After having the hazy, disorientating cloud of Neptune hanging over our mental faculties, the focused and powerful vision of Pluto may help us recalibrate and get back in the game.

On the same day, the Sun enters Libra, signaling the Autumn Equinox and the start of Libra season. Happy Birthday Libras ♎️?

Venus trines Juno on September 24th, making this a peachy day for a wedding, as it links the lady of love and luxury (Venus) with the mistress of matrimony (Juno). With a Mars-Neptune opposition on the same day, things might get boozy and loose; an open bar may not be an ideal scenario.

Mercury’s last few days in Virgo will be touchy, as he squares Saturn on September 25th and opposes Chiron on September 27th, before entering Libra on the 29th. Essentially, there may seem to be limits wherever we look during these days. Communications may be difficult or disciplined to a fault with the Saturn square; in opposition to Chiron, our minds may feel like the enemy. On the same day, the Sun will conjoin Vesta, and we may be called to reconsider our dedications or commitments.

September 28th is a day of culmination. On this day, Pluto stations direct, having been retrograde since April, and Jupiter makes its third and final opposition with Uranus. Pluto’s transits are relatively subtle but simultaneously excoriating; if you have planets between 14-20° of Capricorn (or indeed, the other cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, and Cancer), you’ve likely felt the intensity ebb and flow for some time now. Jupiter opposite Uranus has made for many out-of-the-blue, exaggerated leaps forward in the parts of our charts ruled by Aries and Libra; from now until his entry into Scorpio, Jupiter will be more or less in the clear.

Otherwise, September 28th, 29th, and 30th are not ideal days for committed partnerships in love or business, as both Juno and Venus will be under planetary pressure. On the 28th, the Sun will square Juno, and on the 30th, Vesta will square Juno; both aspects can create isolating power struggles or control issues within relationships. We may feel very torn between our needs and the needs of our relationship.

On the 29th, Venus will oppose Neptune, which may drum up just the type of self-sacrificing scenario that the tough Juno aspects sandwiched on either side of this day seem to suggest. I must admit that here I side with Robert Hand when he says Venus-Neptune oppositions can produce ‘a blatant ego game.’ Be careful on these days to note if these types of impulses arise; other possibilities include deceptions in love and too-good-to-be-true idealism in romantic entanglements.

By the end of the month, we’ll be in different territory: with more planets in Earth than Fire for quite some time, the pace will change and cool – just as the days do as we march towards Winter.

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