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Powerful Supermoon In Libra Rising On March 20: The Winds Of Change Are Picking Up

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As we entered March, we encountered a lot of different energies coming our way. Some of them were quite strong and may have left us fazed.

But if we try to channel the energies properly, then it is possible for us to go through March easily, without feeling exhausted.

We can face the new month with positive and renewed energy. March bring changes, and if you accept it, it will help you grow as well. March brings in new beginnings.

The Final Supermoon of the Supermoon trio that began in 2019 is going to happen on 20th March. So, there is a huge amount of energy that will come our way.

The Full Moon is going to take place during the Spring Equinox. This is a rare alignment and had occurred back in 2000 and in the year, 1981. As the Spring Equinox brings a change of seasons, the full moon during this phase can be referred to as something that will set you free.

It is the best time for rituals to help your friendship and develop new relationships with your colleagues at work. Rituals can also help you heal problems with your friends or family. Libra will bring a balance in your relationships. Generally, full moons have the characteristics of making you emotional.

You will have mood swings during this phase. However, the more emotional you become, the closer you will get to your family and develop stronger connections with them.

Your family could be anyone – from your biological parents and brother, to a friend who supports you during your hard times. If you have someone who does not support you well, then you will feel the imbalance with them.

In Native America, the full moon was given different names – most of it relating to a crow that is cawing the farewell of the season. Northern tribes called it the Full Crow moon.

Unlike other cultures, in Native American Medicine, the bird Crow is generally represented as creative, spiritual, balance, Justice and shape-shifter.

It is also called the Full Worm Moon as the temperature is going to rise and the snow thaws. Earthworms start to appear and birds begin to chirp. The other name is the Full Sap Moon, which means it is time to tap the maple trees. 

Finally, they also referred to the moon as the Sugar Moon. It’s the last moon before Spring and it is when the sweet sap of maple trees starts leaking. It indicates the coming of good times.

Life begins during the Spring season. We can feel the lively energy all around us – we just need to tap into it. We should focus on meditating on Love and try to reflect on it. We must infuse the lunar energy within us.

Being spiritual, you must try to do something completely different during the full moon. The Mercury retrograde continues so, there will be some miscommunication.

However, since it’s spring, you have to start life anew. Begin by:

—Cleaning the sprit.
—Tidying your drawers and closer.
—Decluttering the spaces in your bedroom.
—Discarding old receipts and papers.
—Cleaning will help you grow one with the energy around you.

During the Spring time, night and day become equal. So, it indicates balance. The temperatures will be rising from now on and new things are coming your way.

To gain perfect balance between the old and the new, we have to discard some of the useless items from our stores. Spring brings a lot of bountiful items on earth and to us. Birds return with their sweet chirping; the grounds fill up with the smell of fresh grass and the summers are coming your way.

Spring has been celebrated in several cultures. 20th March welcomes Ostara which honors the wealth of Nature brought about by the spring season. It’s a time for growth and love.

The hard winter is over and now, we have to move forward to drink for the sweet season of rebirth. Celebrations are on our way and we can conduct different kinds of parties and rituals to accept this new energy in our lives.

So, dance, enjoy and let the rejuvenating energy of spring help you grow stronger. Become whole again.

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