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Who Do You Let In Your Spirit Circle?

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by Conscious Reminder

Who Should Be In Your Spirit Circle?

There are ways to understand if the people currently in your life are good for you or not. The easiest way to figure it out is to understand the energy of your karmic crossing. Karma essentially can be defined as soul lessons learned over time. There are three basic ways in which you can experience karma in relation to other people:

1. Neutral crossings- these karmic crossings are over quickly and harmlessly.
2. Complex Crossings- these crossings take time to resolve- sometimes more than a lifetime.
3. Cooperative crossings- Karmic Crossings that are meant to last for ages and are deep.

Neutral karmic crossings

They don’t take up too much energy. In fact we experience these daily with people we encounter. The people we sit across in public transport, the short flings we have- they aren’t a part of our everyday soul circle but are minor influencers in our daily lives.

They are brief, and leave minimal impact on our souls. One doesn’t need to worry too much about the kind of soul lessons these people leave for us, because they are mostly temporary.

Complex karmic crossings

These are big karmic changes. These lessons are messy, dramatic and hardly get over in a life time. They show up on our life radars as red flags. Unhealthy, toxic, dramatic and harsh they are the big hurdles and pitfalls of your life.

If this comes up too many times with the same person, you probably have to spend more than one lifetime together to get it sorted completely. With these relationships therefore it is just healthier to let go and move on instead.

Cooperative karmic crossings

They are possibly the best relationships of all. They are the ones that have crossed over the nasty, transient parts of the soul lessons. What is left after the hurdles is beautiful and long-lasting.

If you have a relationship built on kindness, support, patience and unconditional love, you are lucky to have a cooperative karmic crossing. These are the sort of people you should be holding onto for a lifetime.

That’s it, the simplest way of categorizing the people in your life. Following this simple guide therefore will help you prioritize your attention and invest your emotions wisely in those around you.

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