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Mars Turns Direct, August 27th, 2018: Listen To Your Soul

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There has been so much going on in the cosmos lately that you may have not remembered that Mars, the planet of action and motivation, has been moving retrograde.

Mars retrogrades only every two or so years, so when it happens we tend to feel it strongly.

After several months in retrograde, Mars is now moving direct on August 27th and will not go retrograde again until September 2020.

Whenever a planet goes retrograde, its energy expresses itself in a more internal way rather than an external way, almost like the energy of the planet is filtering through us on the deepest of layers.

While Mars has been working on our deeper layers, we may not have always been conscious of what exactly it was trying to teach us. But now, as Mars moves direct and starts rising to the surface, into our conscious mind a little more, we are going to get to see just what messages and insights Mars has for us.

Whatever inner work Mars has been doing is going to be revealed, and it is likely we are going to be able to take this new information and use it to push forward in our lives.

Because Mars is all about taking action and getting motivated, whatever new insights rise to the surface are going to help us to make some much-needed progress.

2018 has really been a stop and go year, and although this theme is going to continue, Mars going direct will bring a new wave of energy and a burst of inspiration.

After months of being held back we are finally going to feel supported to move forward and take the actions we have been wanting to make.

New inspirations may find us and we may even find that projects we started back in June receive a new life or a new burst of energy.

In fact, if you have been working on something and struggling to get it off the ground, or if life events that came your way around June are still lingering, you may find that Mars turning direct delivers that final push.

To help activate this energy, consider bringing new life or making some changes to whatever projects you have been struggling to get off the ground. Look for new inspiration and perhaps open your mind to think about things differently.

By making some changes and tuning into the lessons of Mars retrograde, it will help you to get your projects moving forward with more speed and ease.

Mars retrograde is really the Universe reminding us to slow down and relax. In this go-go world, we forget to sometimes pause and reflect on what we are doing and where we are heading.

Sometimes we just keep going and going without really stopping to reflect on where our actions are leading us. Sometimes we just follow the crowd because it is the easy thing to do.

When Mars retrograde comes along, we are reminded that our actions have consequences and at any time, we can choose to take a different path and make different choices.

We don’t have to go with the tried and true path, instead we can listen to the call of our own soul and take action in the direction that speaks to us the most.

Mars retrograde is a time for all of us to reflect on whether our actions are walking us towards the life we desire or away from the life we desire.

Once Mars goes direct it will be business as usual once again, but if we can open to what this retrograde energy was trying to teach and show us, and make a few changes and tweaks based on the guidance we have received, we may just find that we are able to achieve our dreams quicker and with more ease.

Pay attention to what unfolds within the days that Mars turns direct for clues on what actions the Universe is guiding you to take.

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