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Different Kisses And Their Meaning

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Kiss is not just a kiss as sang by Louis Armstrong. Actually, it is much more than that. Numerous experts have concluded based on their research that the kiss is one of the most powerful tools in every relationship. The depth of the kiss can say so much.

It can lead to personal transformation and both men and women use it to test the compatibility of their potential partner.

Even though we see and experience a multitude
of kisses in our everyday lives such as the mother’s compassionate kiss of a child, the warm friendship kiss of a good friend or close family member, we most likely associate kissing to intimate relationships.

The kiss is a sign of affection and a signal that differentiates friendly, platonic appreciation and deeper, intense attraction.

Just as the body language can reveal much about human personality thus the lip language can also provide an interesting interpretation of somebody’s relationship. Therefore, there are different types of kissing which have specific meaning.

For example, CHEEK KISS is a sign of affection that depicts a wide range of interpretations from friendly companionship to romantic involvement. If a person kisses you in
the cheek at the end of your date, it means that that person enjoyed your company.

In such cases, women usually positively react to such kiss by subtly leaning the face towards the other person. If you want to add extra affection, then you should combine the cheek kiss by placing your hands on the person’s neck or shoulders.

As for FOREHEAD KISS, it is usually done by a friend to provide comfort in times of distress. If this kiss is combined with kisses on the mouth, then it is a strong sign that the person has deep feelings about developing a deeper romantic partnership and feels certain level of protectiveness as well.

The EARLOBE KISS depicts sexual desire. This kiss is not common for friends because it is rather sensual and shows romantic interest and attraction. Another sexual kiss is the FRENCH KISS.

This is a signal of closeness and sensual intimacy. This kiss is typical for people who are immensely physically and emotionally drawn to each other. It is not recommended to rush when it comes to French kissing because it means more serious and passionate development of relationship.

The LINGERING KISS means lip kissing for a long period of time. It is a sign of devotion, intense emotion and passion. The SINGLE LIP KISS is a subtle kiss with which the person sucks and sandwiches the other person’s lip thus showing that they are highly interested in them.

The KISS ON THE HAND is a gentleman’s way of showing his admiration towards you.

This list can go on indefinitely since there are many more kisses to choose from. However, the above mentioned are the most usual ones and practiced by more people.

As for the others not mentioned here, we will focus in some other occasion since they are as important and interesting as the above mentioned when it comes to revealing their hidden messages.

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