5 Red Flags That Give Narcissistic People Out

by Conscious Reminder

There are many people in this world who have been dubbed as Sociopaths, Narcissists and Psychopaths by famous psychologists.

Martha Stout, a Harvard psychologist, has found that about 1 in 25 Americans have been referred to as sociopaths.

However, these people are really charming. They can be highly manipulative but they cover themselves up so well that you don’t get an inkling of their toxic side. They keep their assaults a secret but slowly, they will drain you.

Psychologists have finally dubbed many victims of narcissists as people with Narcissist Victim Syndrome. It can result in the victims blaming themselves, hesitating to meet others or having their ‘normal way of life’ disrupted.

There are a few red flags that narcissists show and they are:

1. Being A Victim

Narcissists have the tendency to start acting like they are the victim. They crave for your attention and they will do anything to get it from you. This will, of course, seem like a very draining phase for you. You will try to help them when they say they trust you and that they are really confused. However, in the end, they will not learn and always keep playing the victim card to frustrate and drain all your energy.

2. They Will Remain Broke

Narcissists want to be fed without any effort of their own. They remain broke but that is completely their choice and purpose. They might say that they are not getting a job or that they are struggling with some issue which makes them incapable of getting a job. However, they choose not to go out and work. Rather they would find someone who would feed them as and when they come.

3. No Connection

When you connect with someone, you connect with them on different levels: the body, mind and soul levels. However, if you feel empty in the relation, then there is no connection. A partner should be there to nourish you and make you feel whole. Their compliments should have meaning behind it. When a narcissist says something, it is generally cold and empty. It seems to have no emotion behind it.

4. Presents

There is one seemingly positive thing that they might do, that is, gifting you a lot. But the gifts are nothing but a manipulative tactic. They are showering presents on you so that you feel like you are indebted to them. They are trying to manipulate you using their gifts. As they give you something, they start creating a mentality in you that you ‘owe’ them, so you would do everything for them as and when they ask.

5. Problems

Almost like playing victim, narcissists have the tendency to seek for advice for different kinds of problems. It doesn’t matter if the problem exists or not, but they will try to seek your advice. You might feel respected for it, but actually, it’s their way to dump their problems on you. It can be very draining after some time, and you will not want to continue solving another’s problem for long.

Narcissists can make your life feel like hell. If your partner acts in this way, it’s time to question the relationship.

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