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It’s The Last Week Of 2017 And Here’s What The Stars Have To Say About It

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by Conscious Reminder

Christmas day started the week with Venus coming in conjunction with Saturn in the sign of Capricorn.

This means that there is joy abound, staying true to the spirit of Christmas. But even better than that; this is a very good time for family bonding and forming deep connections.

The conjunction of Venus and Saturn is also especially benevolent for love. Venus is well known to be the ruler of love and all matters of the heart. And Saturn is responsible for building a strong base for all your endeavors. Any relationship which got its roots in this time can be expected to grow strong.

A little while later, during mid week Neptune and Mars will come together in a formation which will promote inner growth, imagination and innovation. This would be a trine formation, when they form the two arms of a 120° angle. This makes it easy for the particular energies of each to flow through to the other and combine well.

Neptune rules the subconscious mind and Mars adds zest and positivity to life. Together they work together to make you feel like you can rule the world. Those who are more artistically inclined should utilize the time to create one of the best additions to their portfolio.

By the weekend the moon will move into Gemini. By the New Year everything would be as vibrant as a rainbow, even better. As a perfect end to the year, the time would be festive to the extreme; a good time to sit down, relax and talk with your friends about the year which has been.

End the year on a positive note by thinking about your achievements and happy memories from the year. After the hectic year that it has been, it’d nice to end with some cheers and overall joy.

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