If Your Partner Does These Things For You, Then You Got Yourself A Winner

by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us is flawed. We are shattered from within and in those shatters, a faint light glitters. We are not perfect. We don’t want to be perfect.

Neither do we want perfect people in our lives. What we want are people who can see our imperfections and be proud of it. Even we desire to be like that. But is your partner so?

Let’s find out with these 18 signs:

1. Keeping Promises

You know your partner will keep their word. If they promise something, they are going to keep that promise no matter what. And you trust that they will.

2. Support

They are very supportive of you and your goals. They know that you can be successful in achieving all the dreams and they will support you. They are not going to leave your side that easily.

3. Working on your relationship

Relationships are a lot of work. You need to work in a relationship all the time. Your partner is willing to do their bit of hard work to make the relationship grow and function well.

4. Attention

They are kind and attentive to your needs. Even if you are not rich, they will make sure to keep you provided and spend enough time with you.

5. Integrity

Integrity is their middle name. They won’t manipulate or try to control you. They won’t send ultimatums.

6. Responsibility

They are willing to take responsibility for what they do. They will not just blame you for everything.

7. Benefit of doubt

If there is a problem, they won’t blame you. Rather you get the benefit of doubt. They believe that you had the right intentions, just the circumstances were not in your favor.

8. Imperfect

They know you are flawed and that’s fine with them. They know you are trying to improve and they support you. If they hurt you in any way, they will quickly apologize.

9. Standards

They don’t put you as a different standard from them. You are as flawed as them and you are their equal. They don’t expect too much from you.

10. Laughing

Both of you laugh a lot together. You are happy when you are with one another.

11. Understanding

You respect each other and understand the needs of one. You will show affection and work as one.

12. Honesty

They do not have to engage in guile or deception. They are completely honest with you and have nothing to hide. You tell a secret and they will keep it. If they have revealed it to someone, they will confess.

13. Communication

They will communicate with you whenever there is a problem. They know proper communication is the key to a relationship.

14. Spending time

They know everyone wants to spend time alone. They will respect you for that and they will spend time with themselves too.

15. Give and take

They give you love and they expect the same from you. They are not selfish and ever-receiving, nor a martyr and ever-giving.

16. Comparison

Comparison is a curse in any relationship. They won’t compare you anyone like their ex or friends. You are unique and independent and they love you for that.

17. Past

Everybody has a past and it is not something to be probed into. They believe that you have dealt with the past. They are not going to mess with it.

18. The one

They desire to see the genuine you at the end of the day and want to fall in your arms. You bring them home.

If your partner meets each of these, then you are really lucky. Be thankful.

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