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5 Ways To Make A Quick Change In Your Personal Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

The basis of our wellbeing is self-care. When we address our energy component or better said our self-care, we may make more positive effects in different areas of our lives.

One of the reasons for this will be as it is our personal energy vibration or frequency which attracts just like some energy to us; this is actually called the Law of Attraction.

Self-care, which is sometimes called energy-care too, is the set of various practices which help us maintain our higher vibration, in that way making us a perfect match to some other energy frequencies which vibrate high, such as joy, abundance, optimal health, peace, and so on.

Such practices may include exercise, spiritual practices, energy protection, energy healing, rituals, and so on. When we are careful with our energy-care, we are generally going to feel much better and also have our energy flow in a much better state.

However, there are going to be times when we will feel like we are lower vibrating. Well, the reasons related to this may be various. However, we are not supposed to stay down when we would like to take some action and then make conscious choices, in order to alter our energy’s state.

Energy consciousness is simply an understanding which says that our vibration isn’t something we are victims too, but it is actually something we may change at will.

We manifest our vibrations through our choices, and when the choices lead us to feel off, it means that it is the time when we have to make various choices in order to raise our energy vibration. We should make those choices fast!

These are the five ways in which we can quickly change our energy:

1. Spirituality

The major purpose of Spiritual Practices is connecting us with our spirit and raising our vibrations. When we are in the state of lower energy, getting spiritual may help in raising us up.

Yoga, meditation, energy healing, mantras, chanting, using mala beads, and also using crystals will be some of the positive ways of changing our energy. For better and quick results, we can practice guided meditation which focuses on the positive energy.

2. Aromatherapy

Changing our energy occurs through our five physical senses, and also our intuitive senses. In fact, aromatherapy is said to be a really simple way of improving our mood and raising our vibration, as our olfactory senses may reframe our thinking.

Some citrus scents, such as orange oil and lemon oil, will be excellent for changing our energy because they almost have identical effects as the sunshine.

3. Energy Clearing

Every time we feel that our energy is low or down in the mood, it means that our chakras have to be cleared.

In fact, chakras are the energy points placed in our bodies. The number of which run from the base of our spine to the top of our head is eight.

A lot of techniques for clearing our chakras to exist, which we can find online, and some of them include healing crystals, as they can restore their harmony.

4. Sing

We all know that music is the universal language. Music can affect our energy in a positive way, and also evoke emotions.

When we sing along to a happy, positive and upbeat song, we may immediately feel how our vibration starts raising, and our negative energies start releasing. We should not underestimate the potential of driving, along with singing to an excellent song.

5. Friends

We all know that one individual who is always there to make us laugh and smile. He or she is the one that we want around us when we feel low.

Spending some time with such people that make us happy may immediately change our energy. We should schedule time with them doing something that we enjoy to do, and we are going to double the positive effect.

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