What Happens When You Experience A Spiritual Awakening?

With so many people experiencing the shift in the form of a spiritual awakening or kundalini opening, what can you expect if it happens to you?

A High

For most people there is a very discernible, almost miraculous experience linked to a spiritual awakening – someone you spoke to, something you read, a dream.

This is usually immediately followed by a euphoria or emotional high, which can last up to a few weeks.

At the top end of this scale you stand very close to God, and your soul just sings thank you. It’s such a beautiful feeling that it’s actually debilitating on the practical level sometimes.

Information & emotions

One of the markers is that you won’t be sleeping during this high period – often your mind is racing with new information and ideas.

You may experience quite an intense emotional purge – so don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying hysterically or laughing like a moron. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing both at the same time.

You may experience a need to seek forgiveness or to extend forgiveness, and may want to contact family members, friends or partners you haven’t spoken to in years.

You can also experience a whole bunch of new information, in terms of seeing and experiencing new things, like psychic abilities and ESP, or you may experience a flood of information that just keeps arriving out of nowhere. You‘ll see signs everywhere.

A Low

After a couple of weeks though, this flood of information and emotional purge will end and you can often experience a severe emotional dip and sense of loss.

It’s not really so much a low period, as it is your body stabilizing again after such an enormous high. The lessening of the high effect can feel quite severe though. Keep this in mind, because it will ride itself out and end. You just need to give yourself a few days.


As life settles back into a normal flow, you’ll begin to integrate and understand the information that you have received. Slowly you’ll find yourself living from the new understanding as well.

Each awareness of your new level of consciousness is going to be small – a way you approach a situation differently, a different action you take. Over time all these little integrations will accumulate to form a large integration and change.

Back to Reality

You’ll be back in reality – but it will be a whole new reality.

You will be a whole new you. This process, depending on how big your opening was, can take up to a couple of years to complete, but you will start seeing and feeling smaller changes almost immediately.

You will experience differences in the way people respond to you, and you will often have a much deeper sense of internal peace.

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