What Is A Psi Ball And How To Create It In 5 Minutes?

by Conscious Reminder

We are surrounded by energy at all times, and are also made up of energy.

Psi balls are a manifestation of this energy and we can make them using the energy from the universe, our hands and our mind. A ball or a sphere is just one form which this energy can take and it is free to take up any shape that you can think of.

To start making a Psi ball, follow these simple steps:

Keep your hands in front of you, joined as if in prayer.

Now start concentrating on them and try to feel and visualize the energy between them.

Rub them together to generate a little heat energy if you feel.

When you feel the warmth, push them apart a little, not more than 1 cm though.

In the beginning you will find that as soon as you pull your hands apart the warmth just disappears.

Rub them again and try to concentrate harder on keeping the energy intact and in its place.

When you get the hang of it, you’ll find it easier to maintain your orb of energy within your palms.

You can then push them even further apart, say 2-4 cm before bringing them back together again.

In this way you will be expanding and concentrating the energy between your hands and shaping it with the movement.

Keep building up on the energy in this way. Also try to concentrate on how it feels, when your hands and apart and when they come close to each other.

When you do it enough you’ll be able to feel the energy ball firmly within your grasp.

Try to borrow the energy from the universe instead of investing your own. This is because when you use your own energy it drains you out to a great extent.

Whereas the Universe is teeming with energy and you can definitely borrow some without causing any major harm.

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