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This Week’s Full Moon In Aries Brings Chaos, Frustration And Outrage

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by Conscious Reminder

The first Full Moon of October will be rising tonight in the sign of fiery Aries. Full Moons are associated with release, but unstable Uranus is bringing disruptive energy with this Moon.

Releasing tensions is one of the major themes of this Full Moon. Apart from the influence of Uranus, this Full Moon will also be heavily influenced by Mars, which is in Retrograde right now.

It is forming a square with Saturn, which indicates a build-up of anger and frustration over the last few weeks. Let’s see what else the 1st October Moon is bringing for us.

This Aries Full Moon is also activating fixed star Algenib, which is associated with a quick temper and bad judgment. With the influence of Uranus, Mars, Saturn, and this fixed star, the Full Moon phase is going to be supercharged and dangerous.

As impulsive energy descends upon us, we will be more prone to lashing out. The collective may rise, and rebellion, rioting, and other forms of outrage will continue. It is best for everyone to be more flexible at this point and adapt to the surprises being thrown at us. The more we try to release our tension via chaotic actions, the more we will suffer.

Aries Moon Aspects

The Sun will be quincunx Uranus during this Full Moon. This brings more nervous and tense energies. As the unstable energies keep building up, it will become increasingly difficult for us to relax. Those who feel that their creativity is being blocked or freedom has been restricted will be very anxious during this period.

You might get the pressure to change. It can be due to unexpected incidents, changing circumstances, or it can also come from someone who has power over you. This change can be something minor, like shifting a meeting, or it can mean a significant overhaul of your routine and behavior.

But instead of resisting the changing energies, be more adaptive and flexible. You have to make some adjustments under this luminary. It can either be forced upon you, or you will finally find a new way to move ahead.

If you are unwilling to accept these changes and try to be disruptive and arrogant, it will come back to bite you. Don’t miss out on significant opportunities just because you won’t want to be a bit flexible! You will only damage your prospects by overreacting and being stubborn.

You are not being asked to completely change your direction. Just make some alterations, and you never know what opportunities that will bring. If you try to be too daring, you will end up restarting the whole project.

The Mars-Saturn square will bring restrictions, delays, frustration, and impatience. The half-degree orb of this aspect will have a strong impact on the Aries Full Moon.

This aspect resides in a 3-degree orb between 15th August and 9th October. So these frustrating energies have been building up for some time now. The Mars-Saturn square ended on 29th September, but its influence on the Moon will still be felt.

The Mars Retrograde that will last till 13th November is only intensifying this anger. This is being directly reflected in the ongoing outrages and protests in the US against the authorities.


The 1st October Full Moon in Aries is strongly associated with the unstable planet Uranus. Even the influencing aspects are quite disruptive. An overall atmosphere of anxiety will enclose us.

We will be seeking an outlet through constant activities. But be careful not to let the release of tension be impulsive and uncontrolled. The resultant actions and bursts of anger can trigger negative consequences.

Saturn’s influence on the Mars Retrograde has been building up anger and resentment. It also intensifies Uranus’ impulse of lashing out and rebelling. Fixed star Algenib makes matters worse with its influence of bad judgment.

The Full Moon will probably guide us to escalate rebellion and riots. But you can channel the intense energy from the Full Moon to your own advantage by being adaptive and flexible. Opportunities are waiting in the coming days, minor adjustments will allow you to make the most of it.

The influence of this Full Moon will last till the New Moon on 16th October. That will be followed by the impact of the Blue Moon rising on 31st October.

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