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15 Simple Tips to Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul

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Here is a list of 15 simple things to consider incorporating into your healthy routine to help balance your mind, body, and spirit.
1. Exercise – Find an exercise you enjoy and start doing it regularly.
2. Be grateful – Stop to think about the things you have going for you and appreciate them.
3. Get plenty of sleep – Sleep is regenerative for your body. The more sleep you get the better you will perform the next day.
4. Breathe deeply – Whenever you think about it stop and take a deep breath. Over time this will become a healthy habit.
5. Install a shower filter – Chlorine is a poison. You don’t want to inhale it or absorb it through your skin while showering.
6. Ground yourself – Literally. Plant your bare feet on the earth as often as possible.
7. Eat organic – Chemicals are killing pests on the crops. They are not good for you either.
8. Do more yoga – Great for the body and mind. MindBodyGreen readers know the importance of this.
9. Smile more – It feels great 🙂
10. Spend more time with loved ones – In our busy lives we need to make time for the people who matter to us most.
11. Live your passion – Do more of what you love.
12. Meditate – Set some time aside each day to rest your mind.
13. Drink clean water – Get a filtration system for your drinking water. Fluoride is not good for your body.
14. Get outdoors more – Go for a hike and enjoy nature.
15. Eat plenty of greens – Dark leafy greens are rich in vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. They help alkalize the body.

Slowly start incorporating these ideas into your daily routine and see how they positively impact your overall health.

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Dr. Jesse Chappus is a chiropractor with a passion for helping people reach their optimum levels of health. He writes a health blog at drjessechappus.com/blog where he regularly shares information on a variety of health topics.

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