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Narcissists Won’t Hesitate To Use These Lies To Make You Stick Around

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Narcissists are experts at keeping their victims around them. Even when they know that the other person is being abused and is not happy, still they will make sure to keep them hooked. Their weapon of choice for this game of basis is ‘Lie’.

Narcissists are expert liars second to none in this ‘craft’. They’ll tell lies after lies just to ensure that you stick around them.  Here are some of the most common lies that Narcissists use in order to decide you. If you have heard any of these below mentioned ‘lies’ from your partner, then chances are that you are in a relationship with a narcissist and you should probably move on.

“I never did that. You are crazy.”

Narcissists never accept their own mistakes. When they are caught up in the action, they try to blame it on others. They do not want you to know their reality and thus they will constantly try to make you feel crazy for your attempt to prove them wrong.

“You are horrible, just like some other people I have been with.”

This is a classic example of guilt trip. Narcissists use this one to make you feel bad about yourself and it gives them a chance to sit back and enjoy as you’ll most likely try to prove them wrong by doing even better for them. All they want to do is to exploit you as much as they can.

“I cannot imagine my life without you.”

This statement is a little tricky as it can be used to express genuine love. But for a narcissist, there is no love. It is a tool for them to use you or maybe they said so because they are not able to find someone else to ‘use’.

“Everyone warned me about you, but I ignored them all”

Narcissists want to separate you from all others so that they can then exploit you to the max. Thus they make you feel that no one else likes you. They project that they are so good that even with all the warnings, they chose to stay with you.

“You are oversensitive and you need to drop that.”

Narcissists do not want others to react emotionally and express their feelings when they keep pushing all the buttons to make you emotionally unstable. They make you feel that emotions are not for normal people.

“I am amazing!”

Well, that is something that a narcissist can say all day. They are great and perfect in their own world.

“How can you be the only person who does not understand me?”

Here also they make you feel ‘Not Normal’. This sentence makes you feel that you are someone totally different from everyone else.

“This is the last time, I promise”

A narcissist will make this promise again and again but will still repeat the mistake. There is no last time for a narcissist.

“My ex was a terrible person”

Here the narcissist is playing the classic victim card. They like to project themselves as someone who is broke due to others. They often use it as an excuse for their bad behavior.

So, these are some of the lies that Narcissists use to deceive you.

What do you think about these lies? Have you ever been with a narcissist? What was your experience?

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