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The Running Of Your Twin Flame Brings A Chance To Heal

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Twin flame relationships are a match made in heaven that embody the power of pure love.

The Universe brings together these two perfect souls with a common higher spiritual state of being who plan their journey together and come to earth to carry out their life’s purpose.

Twin flames have healing abilities and their love is so powerful that it has the ability to transform lives.

However, despite being so perfect for each other, they do face issues from time to time. Misunderstandings and hurdles do crop up during the journey but there are means to resolve them.

He Is Not Running From You

At times you might find your twin flame to be always on the run. You must know it’s not because of you. It results due to energy provoked by being afraid and unsafe. When they feel like they are in danger they run, as they feel vulnerable.

If they run while you’re there, it means that you’ve somehow triggered their hurtful past unintentionally. Twin flames don’t run away from each other, they love each other too much. However, they run away from themselves, their fear and insecurities.

This issue can get solved by cleansing the bad energy and both the partners need to work on it together. The two souls make a complete whole and thus teamwork will help you heal each other.

Moreover, when a twin flame runs, it’s their ego that is triggered but the higher state continues to love their partner. They wish to reunite with their partners.

It’s a Chance To Heal

As they become receptive to unadulterated love then all their fears and pain are washed away. It helps them channel the positive to win over the negative.

Being hurt is a god-gifted opportunity as it gives you the scope to rectify the situation and  heal your blocks. The trigger, therefore, helps in bringing forth hidden issues and making it possible for the twin flames to sort it out. Often twins deliberately trigger the other, hurting them so that the dirty past can come out and be resolved quickly through the power of love.

Twin flames will always come out victorious, no matter how difficult the journey gets for them. So, if you are hurting now, don’t lose hope.

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