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Best 11 Herbs For Good Luck, Success, Prosperity, And Abundance

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Discover 11 natural herbs which can improve your good luck, boost your success, prosperity, and abundance:

1) Irish Moss

It has been used for centuries in Ireland, however, it also grows in Asia and the oceans of North America. It helps prevent and relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu since it is a remarkable source of antioxidants, like – vitamin E and vitamin A. These antioxidants protect the human body from the negative effects of oxidative stress, that may help strengthen the immune system and prevent a variety of diseases.

In addition, Irish moss is carried or placed beneath rugs to ensure a good flow of money into the pockets of the person as well as to increase good luck.

2) Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds (botanical name – Papaver somniferum) are widely used in many countries, particularly in Central Europe, where they are grown and sold in shops. They contain good levels of minerals, such as copper, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, and magnesium

You can also take a few poppy seeds and place them in your pocket or purse to attract financial abundance and good luck. Additionally, these small seeds may bring prosperity. Also, the poppy plant is a well-known symbol of remembrance for war veterans, that originates from its mention in the poem “In Flanders Fields,” which represents the beauty and the renewal of war-ravaged land.

3) Cinnamon

It is a powerful spice which has been used medicinally around the world for thousands of years. This is also a magical herb that is used for success, healing, action, energy, protection, prosperity, love, and purification.

Furthermore, cinnamon is proven scientifically to improve glycemic status, particularly in the levels of fasting blood glucose (sugar) among type 2 diabetes mellitus sufferers. Cinnamon also reduces levels of total and LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides (fats in the blood), while HDL (good) cholesterol remains stable.

4) Citronella

It is a grass which usually grows in some islands of the South Pacific and some Asian countries. Citronella has a crisp lemony aroma, hence, it bears the name citronella.

The leaves of citronella are thought to be good for attracting prosperity and abundance. Furthermore, citronella essential oil is used in aromatherapy to aid in providing relief from depression and anxiety. Also, it can help provide relief from muscle spasms and menstrual cramps as well as to reduce inflammation in the stomach, liver, and digestive tract.

5) Chamomile

As an alternative medicine with almost no negative side effects, this medicinal herb has been used for over 5,000 years in teas and cosmetic forms to promote vitality, tranquility, and longevity. You can also brew a batch of chamomile tea and sprinkle it around your house to attract money and prosperity towards you.

6) Bayberry

Bayberry grows as a large evergreen shrub which is widely distributed throughout the eastern and southern United States. The most valuable part of the tree in herbal medicine is the root bark because it contains a variety of biologically active compounds, including – flavonoids, triterpenes, tannins, and phenols.

Conversely, bayberry is also used for prosperity and money – particularly collecting money which is owed. In addition, bayberry is very powerful for hexing when mixed with other hexing herbs.

7) Frankincense

Frankincense, also known as olibanum, can offer a variety of health benefits, including helping relieve anxiety and chronic stress, reducing inflammation and pain, and boosting the immune system. You may carry frankincense in your pocket when you go to a business meeting for a successful outcome.

8) Clove

Clove (scientifical name – Syzygium aromaticum) is one of the most well-utilized and loved spices in the entire world. For instance, the ayurvedic medicine used it for halitosis (bad breath) and tooth decay. In Chinese medicine, it was considered to possess aphrodisiac characteristics.

It is also a symbol of luck and wishes and is a potent talisman to carry. More importantly, clove can be used to enhance love, sexual and sensual feelings, while providing protection.

9) Basil

It is native to the tropical parts of Asia and is consumed widely in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Thailand. Basil is used for success, prosperity, protection, peace, happiness, tranquility, purification, and love.

10) Mint

Its green leaves are symbolic of green money. Mint also bring strength and protection, therefore, your wealth and investments will continue to expand exponentially. Additionally, mint contains menthol, a natural aromatic decongestant which helps to break up mucus and phlegm, making it considerably easier to expel.

Plus, adding a couple of handfuls of fresh mint leaves or a little mint essential oil to the tub may provide stress-relieving effects since the menthol naturally present in the medicinal herb acts as a muscle relaxant.

11) Ginger

It is among the healthiest (and most delicious) spices on the planet. Ginger is loaded with bioactive plant compounds and nutrients which have strong benefits for the body. This root can also be used to attract money and to protect from evil spirit

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