Mandalas And Their Secret Message To You: Choose One And Read On To Find Yours

by Conscious Reminder

Mandalas are very important pictographic representations of the spiritual universe and time, and find use in every major temple of the Buddhist and Hindu faiths.

As a matter of fact, the Borobudur Stupa, the largest of its kind is made in the shape of a Mandala, which can be seen from a height.

Now all these representative mandalas hold the universe’s message to you. It’s up to you to clear your mind out and choose one to get the message.

If you chose

#1. You dream big and you know right from wrong

You are ambitious and like well-deserved attention. At the same time, you make sure to publicise the difference between right and wrong at the workplace. You hate nothing more than nepotism and bias.

#2. You will tell someone the truth even when you know it will hurt said person

You are textbook brutally honest. This would be the harmful/fine depending on the person however. It would be better if sometimes you dialled it down, because you unwittingly end up hurting a lot of people.

#3. You pay attention to everyone

You are an attentive listener. You pay attention to what is being told to you. As a result, you are prized as a team player, especially by bosses. Keep the attitude going and you will keep doing well.

#4. Charisma is your middle name

Whatever you do first, is imitated by a bunch of others within a few days and thanks to your personality, you have fans and followers everywhere. Even your enemies want to be you. Just be careful of yes-men and flatterers. Fame, after all is a fickle friend.

#5. You will fight it out till you pass out

You are a courageous and brave person; you have been so your whole life. You do not back out of struggles and as a result of your courage you come out victorious most of the time. And this is true for the fights you fight for the ones you love as well. The universe salutes you.

#6. You are the nurturing mother

You are the friend who has always been there when the skies were bleak and storms were brewing. You have been caring and patient for the ones you love, whenever they have needed you. Just make sure you aren’t taken advantage of, thanks to your mild ways.

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