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Decoding Spiritual Practice: Don’t Be Perfect, Be Human!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Those of you who are on an endeavor to connect with the divine would know all about the different struggles of finally establishing that connection.

You’d be looking for the exact right Spiritual practice to follow, how and how much to meditate, the best rituals which will nourish you from within and so on.

In this quest you’d have come across and accepted a few and rejected the rest of the visualizations, or mantras or anything else that could be constructive in allowing you to be one with the Universe.

But there is one certain disadvantage in this search for perfection. You see, we tend to be competitive and have this urge to excel at anything that we do that more often than not, the whole practice becomes an attempt to be perfect and chasing that idea of perfection instead of rejoicing in how you feel in the moment.

Spiritual practice are not about being the best at meditation or knowing the exact mantras to help you tap in the vein of the universe. It is about your personal journey which you should take at your own pace and cherish every step on the way.

And what is the point of bearing yourself up about not having achieved that certain perfection, when it doesn’t even matter in the larger scheme of things.

This idea of perfection is related to your search for your higher self that is true. But then, being human is synonymous with being imperfect. That is how we are and that is how we function.

If we keep harking on this imagined idea of perfection, which we haven’t achieved yet and therefore we don’t know anything about, we are suppressing our essential humaneness.

So the one thing that you need to concentrate in your Spiritual practice is to allow yourself to feel human, to be imperfect and yet glow in the light of the Divine.

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