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Christ Consciousness: The Return Of Christ

by consciousreminder
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by Gabriel Sananda
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

At the moment, for me, in the collective consciousness, the energy of Christ is being felt.

Many beings with influence, such as Doreen Virtue have begun to bathe in the Christ Consciousness that exists in all beings.

The truth for me is that Thee never left. The presence of Christ in every eternal moment lives inside each and every sacred human heart.

For me, the singled embodiment does not resonate with my heart.

The divine is infinite and exists equally in all reflections of creation; to suggest singularity is ego expression {separation}.

In the times of the Kali Yuga, because of this specific cycle of time where the veil of Maya was stronger, the illusion of singled embodiment was just because it required an extraordinary being in those times of rebirth and shadow expression for one to realise themselves as the omnipresent light. The light that links the atoms, the mountains, the earth and sky, the river, the ocean, the trees, the men, women, children and the souls of men.

Jesus incarnated to be the way shower for humanity, how every human can return and realise themselves as an expression of the divine.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” – Matthew 6:33

“The Kingdom of God—of eternal, immutable, ever-newly blissful cosmic consciousness—is within you. Behold your soul as a reflection of the immortal Spirit, and you will find your Self encompassing the infinite empire of God-love, God-wisdom, God-bliss existing in every particle of vibratory creation and in the vibrationless Transcendental Absolute.” ~ Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.

We all have the same inner architecture, opportunity through devotion, discipline and dedication to become unified with the divine {God}.

For me, the way to seek God’s Kingdom is the yoga science of meditation {Kriya}.

But I am sure, there are many internal paths for communion. This one resonates with my soul’s journey into realisation. I think the important point, is that the journey is WITHIN.

This, for me, is how our planet will transcend into it’s higher expression, as more beings will follow the path of Jesus or those before him {Lao Tzu, Krishna} finding the kingdom of heaven within and thus residing in this boundless space in their daily lives, reverberating the vibration of communion with God to all beings.

In this cycle of time, the seed of self-realisation or Christ Consciousness is as always available for all beings. The veil of Maya is lessened in this yuga to that of the Kali, meaning more beings will commune with the infinite space within.

A group avatar is emerging and will grow larger as we move through the yugas towards the golden age.

The depth of embodiment of Christ, for me, is reflected in the core behaviours of Humility, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love and Purity of Heart.

In every eternal moment, if we can humble ourselves, see ourself in the other, and be willing to wash their feet no matter the circumstance, as one realises that the divine that exists within you, exists equally in all creation. To learn to accept blame, criticism, and accusation silently and without retaliation, even though untrue and unjustified. As one realises, it is God we are seeking to please, not man.

In every eternal moment, forgive ourself and others, as forgiveness eradicates karma, it an action that ruptures the connection between past and the future, between black and white, between Ying and Yang to finally bring an end to the logical fabric of space-time itself. When all is forgiven, then forgiveness itself no longer exists, only truth.

In every eternal moment if we can embrace Unconditional Love, in every situation to choose unity over separation. To never cease loving another, despite their behaviours; yes at times one may individuate to allow God’s Grace to express for one to come into the realisation of non-communion, trusting that with God’s Presence in all of creation, all souls will return to the omnipresent love of the creator.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” ~ Matthew 5:8.

In every eternal moment, to be pure of heart, to follow the intuitive heart intelligence which is transparency to truth. The lighthouse in the perceived darkness of Maya, the true compass leading us to the eye of every storm. Freeing one’s consciousness from attachment, addiction to sensory pleasure, to see beyond the veil of duality into the unity of all things.

In every eternal moment, silently hum, chant or whisper, Christ reveal thyself, Christ reveal thyself.

And for me, thee will come, as thee never left, and will infinitely remain. As God’s love is infinite, in eternal waiting for a soul to seek communion with truth.

For me, the teachings of Christ are really the same teachings as those of Lao Tzu, Buddha, Krishna and those of many great reflections who lived on the physical plane of existence.

There is one religion in the whole universe {Sanatana Dharma – the eternal/cosmic religion} which may mean on the most distant planet, in the most distant galaxy it is known: that Everything has come from God {supreme intelligence}; hence everything must go back to God {simultanously we are not separate nevertheless}.


About the Author: Gabriel Sananda is a Yogi who is devoted to the inner reawakening of self-realisation. Thus his intention is to awaken the Love in all hearts, as he simultaneously remembers the true divine self, the Christ in all of creation.

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