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Butterflies In Different Colors: Harbingers From Beyond

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by Conscious Reminder

Since ancient times, butterflies have been regarded as harbinger of news from beyond. Their function as an omen for changes in the near future is uncontested.

However, whether this change is going to be for the better or worse depends on individual cases and the butterflies in question.

Here is a list of significance of seeing the following colored butterflies:

1. Orange- if you see an orange butterfly, it is a sign that you need to gather all your strength and energy. You need to keep pushing forward with enthusiasm because very soon you’d have to immerse yourself into something that will change your life for the better.

2. Yellow- A yellow butterfly is a sign that there is going to be an unexpected change in your life, and it is going to take place very soon. This would mean that life as you know it is about to change quite suddenly for you, so be prepared.

3. Green- The color green signifies prosperity and wealth. It is an omen of quite good luck. If they are inside your home then every resident will have some good news to look forward to. Including but not limited to health, wellness and money.

4. Red- In the Native Indian lore, red butterflies would generally mean that a powerful spirit who is looking after you. This is because you are about to witness some huge changes. These events are of great importance. Therefore, the red butterfly is to be shown reverence as mistreating it might bring upon you the wrath of a great spirit.

5. Blue- Blue is a benevolent spirit; it will grant you whatever you wish for. It will also take you under its wing and protect you against the ill which malicious spirits direct towards you. You just need to have faith and not give up even when the going gets tough.

6. Brown- If you are in such a position in life where you think everything is stagnant. If you are looking for a sign to break the rut and start afresh, and you see a brown butterfly, that’s the sign you need.

7. Purple- Purple is the color of royalty. If you see a rare occurrence of this colored butterfly, the best of the best have your back. You can’t get luckier when it comes to divine intervention. It can also be a sign that soon you will come across someone who is very powerful indeed.

8. Black- It is quite unusual to see a black butterfly and with good reason. It usually doesn’t occurrence without some magic being involved. It is an opportunity to break old ties that no longer work for you. Spend some time in introspection if it works for you and also dabble a bit with magic.

9. White- White butterflies are associated with souls. Souls which have died and passed over to the next realm. It can be someone with whom you were very close in their lifetime and therefore they are here now to take care of you. Some cultures think it might announce death due to its association with the dead.

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