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Twin Souls Age Gap: What To Do When Your Twin Flame Is Much Older Than You?

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Twin flame connections are very complex. These relationships are not supposed to be easy; they are complicated to the extreme. But considering the rewards it is not that bad.

Anything really worth having never comes easy after all. Twin flame relationships are about growth and enlightenment and they are bound to get a bit rough before there can be any smooth sailing. They are very intense and rightfully so because they have the power to transform you.

As if that weren’t enough, twin flames are made even more complex when there is a significant age gap between the two. And sadly it is more common than one might think.

Many people find it hard to come to terms with an age gap of say 20 or 30 years but if you think about it a bit more you’ll find that it is not as bad as it seems

It is not as bad as it seems

Yes being with someone 20 years your senior might seem daunting at first. But of you consider the age of your soul, then both of you would be much more than at least thousand years. What is 20 years when in context of 20 thousand.

It is necessary for similarity in mental age

Nothing is left up to chance and everything has a reason. The difference in the physical age might be great but sometimes it is necessary to bring the mental ages of two people at par.

Everyone’s mind matures at a different age and the physical age is not in direct correlation with the mental one.

Twin Flames can also be Platonic

Even though we understand the reasons explained above, sometimes the physical age gap is too big to be ignored. And there just can’t be a possibility of a sexual or physical aspect to the twin flame relationship.

But does that mean you abandon your twin flame? No. Spiritual relationship is above any other and in such cases you have a platonic relationship with your twin flame because your enlightenment is crucially dependent on their participation.

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