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7 Biggest Myths & Misconceptions About Twin Flames

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by Conscious Reminder

Back in time, mating served as just another reason for political expansion and continuation of the human race. People were less aware of their souls and feelings. As time has passed and life has become increasingly complicated, all of us have been in search of ‘someone’.

Someone who is just for us. Someone who feels like home in a world full of rest houses. People have become aware of their emotions and spirits and realized that life is more than just money.

It took mankind really long to understand that nothing that can be brought is worth keeping. All of us are in need of love and compassion. We might just be the first generation that has allowed itself to explore human emotions and psychology under different lights.

Not all of the outcomes were perfect which is why some of them gave birth to misconceptions about twin flame. And that’s OK. It’s just a part of the trial and error. To know what these misconceptions are, continue reading!

Myth 1: Your twin flame will complete you

Let’s start with saying that you aren’t incomplete in the first place to be completed. You are a whole living breathing person and you are complete at all times. No one person can ever be responsible for making you feel complete. You are a collaboration of all the goodness different people have offered you and all the kindness you’ve shown to the world. We keep wondering that maybe if we find that one person, we will be whole again but the reality is that love begins at home and YOU are home. Whoever comes, just adds to your life.

Myth 2: Twin flame has to be of your opposite sex

People often make you believe that your twin flame has to be romantically involved with you belonging to a different gender and that is wrong. The main motive of your twin flame is to add happiness in your life and help you become the best version of yourself and that can never be restricted by gender division.

Myth 3: Your twin flame is exactly like you

Remember, it’s your twin flame, not your twin. Even your blood-related sibling will be different from you. The key is not agreeing on everything and having similar likes and dislikes; the key is to come together and settle down mutually to make things work smoothly. For all you know, your twin flame could be exactly the opposite of you.

Myth 4: Right place right time

You never know what life has to offer you when. There is no perfect time for your twin flame to enter your life. They will enter when they are destined to. You can’t pre or postpone their arrival.

Myth 5: You will recognize them right away

Life is not a movie or a book, even if we wish they were. Yes. Some people do feel a lot better than the rest, like as if you’ve known them for a while but that doesn’t mean you’ll be comfortable with them from the very start. That’s pretty much against now human minds work. You have to give yourself and they find to recognize.

Myth 6: All rainbows and butterflies

No true relationship can ever be only butterflies and roses. Not even the one with your twin flame. You will have to invest a lot of time and effort into making it concrete and long-lasting. Everything demands its own time and so does the relationship with your twin flame. It’s going to be stormy once in a while.

Myth 7: They will join you immediately

Even with your twin flame, you will take time to settle. You will take your own time to open up in front of them emotionally and maybe even physically and so will they. It’s a process you can’t rush.

Art by: Louis Dyer

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