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One Eclipse Down, Two More To Go, July 27th/August 11th: This Is What They Mean For You

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by Conscious Reminder

July and August will bring us not one, but three eclipses in 2018! Both of the July eclipses will mark the start of a special time in our lives. Read on to find out what to focus on during this magical time.

The first of the July eclipses was a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on 12th July, starting at 10:48PM ET. Since Cancer is a sign that is mostly associated with matters of home and family, this is a good time to focus on that.

As a rule, Cancer is usually the ruler of emotions and matters of the heart, and this is a good time to focus on your emotional needs and take actions.

You might feel more comfortable during this time just staying in your comfort zone and you might need to feel more support coming from your loved ones.

As Cancer is the sign at the bottom of the zodiac wheel, this is also a good time to focus on strengthening your foundations and taking care of your roots. Doing that will ensure that you feel more stable and have more faith in your own self.

Focusing on where you come from and improving those relations may help you feel more secure, so it is a good time to mend broken bridges as well.

The Solar Eclipse of July is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. This can mean a plethora of negative emotions, and you might find yourself focusing on your feelings of rage and hostility.

The position of the planets can make you extra moody, so remember to be careful during this period. You might also find that you are being extra subjective, and this can lead to clashes over a conflict of interests.

This is a good time to work on your ego and become a less domineering person. However, the solar eclipse also trines Neptune is Pisces which might help negate some of the rage you might be feeling wing to Pluto’s position.

The lunar eclipse is in Aquarius on July 27th at 4:12PM ET. Since Aquarius is the least emotional sign of the zodiac, and lunar eclipses are times of heightened energy, this is a good time to focus on being rational and analytical, instead of jumping into things head first.

Aquarius is all about focusing on a collective mindset, and rules friends and other such groups. This is thus a really good time to come together for a worthy cause. The analytical nature of Aquarius and the emotional needs of a lunar eclipse will guarantee success in all such endeavors.

Aquarius also rules the future and all hopes and dreams associated with it. You might feel overly invested in your future at this time and might end up putting all your energy into your dreams and the things you are most passionate about.

Another aspect of Aquarius is how it rules over all things technological, and certain things associated with the internet like privacy and hacking may end up drawing more limelight. Some of these problems may get solved; and more problems may even be exposed.

This eclipse might bring with it some super weird energy, since it aligns with not one, but two retrogrades – Mars retrograde in Aquarius, and also Mercury retrograde in Leo. This might be a time for frustration and feelings of being trapped.

The lunar eclipse is semisextile Saturn in Capricorn, which gives this a small silver lining. Amidst all the wonky energy, the presence of Saturn in Capricorn will allow you to stay focused and disciplined.

If you can stay calm during this time when all the forces are trying to steer you off your path, you might be able to make significant progress.

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