Full Moon In Scorpio Taking Place On 18th May: Empathy Gets Washed In Lewdness


The full moon on May 18th is falling at 27º Scorpio decan 3. It is going to align with Algol, a fixed star, that is going to be a bit misfortunate. It will also be opposite to Mercury. It won’t be an easy full moon, to say the least.


This decan is closer to something which we can call similar to debauchery. It is related to wrath and fornication. Many murders and killing among natives took place during this time. This moon is closer to the occult powers than many other full moons.

For talented singers, this moon brings about placement and opportunities. But the actual thing happens with the male and female energies. Females will become femme fatale and males will become Don Juan.

They will do anything to bed their desired object and this can make many of them scoundrels. Empathy will be low during this time and we will tap into our reptilian brain that will force us to act lewdly just to get our way.

The full moon can make us aware of the degeneracy that we are going through.

Fixed Star Algol

Algol will be in conjunction with the Sun and it is an important one. Plus, Mercury will be aligned with Capulas, the arm that beheaded Perseus. Capulus is like male Lilith.

The sword represents phallic energy and his energy is raw, and almost Alpha male. It wants to free Andromeda and he does so because of his sexual drive.

Algol is violent – it is associated with death, mob violence, decapitation. It is one of the evilest stars out there. Algol is also referred to as the blinking demon.

Chinese gave it the title ‘Piled up corpses’ while In Hebrew, it is called ‘Satan’s Head’. It is actually related to Adam’s first wife, Lilith, who is also a nocturnal vampire or the succubus of the underworld.


The moon will be opposite to Mercury and this can create a major problem since it brings about a conflict between our rational side and our instincts. We will be restless and would not understand which one to follow. Our moods will be fluctuating a lot.

However, we might be at peace with ourselves when the full moon brings more clarity and our minds become more in tuned to follow our instincts.

However, the restlessness will be quite creative and artists can put it well on paper. It can be also an expression of the working-class angst going against the ruling bourgeoisie. The moon is all for the working class.

What does the full moon mean in general?

Full moons are all about purging and bringing oneself close to their best selves. It is about becoming who you are. The full moon does have the effect of messing with your emotions.

It will make you really uncomfortable but that’s ok – purging requires that. Plus, it might bring the rewards of the seed that you sowed back in the New Moon. The veil present between the realms become thin during the full moon.

You can banish all your negativity to the underworld during this time. Exorcism is a great way to become grounded during this time. Be in charge of yourself and do not let just emotions control you. Let the full moon bring a bit of clarity in your life.

The full moon is not necessarily evil but it is difficult. So be prepared.

Via Soul Travel Rules

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