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Are You Experiencing A Combination Of These 20 Signs? You Are Born To Be A Natural Healer.

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Generally speaking, an energy healer is a person who uses holistic approaches to assist people in becoming naturally healthy individuals they are supposed to be.

While many institutes are offering energy healing certification courses of Touch Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, etc., there are some people who possess the traits of energy healer inherently.

Such people are helping the others around them without even realizing it.

Natural healers are often considered as ‘God’s Men’ in many cultures. Many believe that the gift of healing is passed from generation to generation.

Do you make people around you feel better? Do you feel instantly connected to people? Do you have a natural desire to heal people?

If yes, then you might just be a Natural Healer (without even realizing it)!

20 Signs That You’re A Spiritual Healer:

1. You are extremely empathetic.
2. People experience soothing vibes around you.
3. Your friends and family members rarely get sick.
4. You do not panic or become anxious under any circumstances.
5. You make the life of others better by giving them solutions for their problems.

6. You help others even when sometimes you have to suffer for that.
7. You already work in the traditional healing field.
8. Any of your family members has been a healer in the past.
9. You feel a heightened level of awareness in the public places.
10. You can tell about the energy of a room as soon as you enter it.

11. Other people often reach you for help and comfort.
12. You find yourself under huge pressure to solve others’ problems.
13. You feel exhausted by the end of the day.
14. You feel a special bond with animals.
15. Small kids feel comfortable around you.

16. Even the strangers feel at ease when they are telling their secret life stories to you. They trust you even without knowing you.
17. You like to make people feel at ease when they visit your place.
18. You have to deal with shoulder and neck pain.

19. Your friends and colleagues approach you for advice relating to their career and their love life. You are often called ‘Love Guru’ by your friends.
20. You are attracted towards crystals because of their beauty and their healing properties and you prefer alternate methods of western medical science.

If you are experiencing these signs then there is a high chance that you have a dormant natural healer inside of you which is waiting to be awakened.

Have you ever felt that you have these healing abilities? Share your views about this article.

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