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Top 5 Ways Meditation Will Stimulate Your Ascension Process

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by Conscious Reminder

The prevalent opinion regarding meditation is that it is a difficult spiritual practice. But little do we know that over time meditation can be our best friend.

Apart from having numerous physical as well as psychological benefits, it also helps us in our Ascension process by letting us enter into a state of receptivity. This in turn initiates multi-level healing and increases our frequency. Here are 10 ways in which meditation will take you deeper into your Ascension:

1) Meditation creates a direct path to your higher self:

Meditation takes you from the level of subconscious patterns to that of the unconscious where your higher self or soul resides. Doing this prevents you from getting stuck with petty thoughts pf your everyday life and lets you form a connection to your being. In such a state you become more perceptive towards your higher self and can realize what your soul actually wants you to do.

2) Meditation increases your vibration and soothes your energy fields:

Our thoughts are extremely important when it comes to our bodies’ energy. Depending on our thoughts we can gain or lose energy. It is even scientifically believed that our thoughts are responsible for the creation of endorphins (feeling good) or cortisol (stress hormones). As we meditate we breathe in vital prana into our bodies and evenly redistributes our energy and raises our vibration by removing the negative energy that gets stuck in our bodies.

3) Meditation lets you transcend your mental barriers:

We are what we believe we are. Most of us don’t realize the fact that our thoughts define our abilities. If we do not think big we will never be able to achieve big things. Our mind is responsible for how we are and what we do in the world. Meditation helps us transcend the negativity of the mind and makes us more perceptive and intuitive. Our beliefs become multi dimensional and we are open to more possibilities.

4) Meditation will make you less susceptible to Ascension symptoms:

While meditating we take in pure prana inside our body which protects us from negative energies outside and also from Ascension symptoms. It makes our bodies more suitable for higher energies and helps us in attaining a finer balance by removing discordant elements.

5) Meditation will make you a pure energy channel:

By letting you transcend your subconscious patterns energy starts flowing more evenly and freely in your body. After a little practice you can sense the increased energy circulation through your body. This will let you attain higher levels of energetic experiences. Moreover, meditation releases the knots and energy loops that had formed over time.

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