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10 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma

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by Conscious Reminder

One of the strangest traditional beliefs in spirituality is that some of us are carriers of the bad karma in our bloodlines. Our families often hold bad blood and some advanced spiritualist think that the feud stays in the family and the new generations pay for the sins of the older generations.

That’s so creepy, right! In some parts of the world, this is a firm belief, especially in those places where traditional and family values are still respected. To understand this concept, you need to know the concept of KARMA first and micro-macro cosmos relations.

To make it simple- every action has a reaction. Whatever we do- it has consequences. They say when butterfly spreads its wings in Japan, could cause a hurricane in Florida. Well, that’s KARMA.

However, when someone’s carrying a huge karma, they could pass the karma to the next generation. Modern psychics and spiritualist claim that through the negative energy, thoughts, feelings, and actions, SUBCONSCIOUSLY, the elder generations pass over the karma to the younger generation. If the karma is so strong, some effects become even visible. You will feel lack of love, focus, attention etc. You will feel that something’s wrong.

If you really want to know if you are a carrier of your family karma, these are the 10 signs that could help you find out:

1. From time to time, you become ill out of the blue, and sometimes it even feels as though the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders.

2. You are the most spiritual, conscious and intelligent person in your entire family.

3. You are the person who always has the ‘bad luck’ and always gets caught up in the worst situations possible in your family.

4. It seems that you are ‘different’ that the rest of your family. You can feel it, even if you don’t know how you differ from the rest.

5. You have some weird, sickening feeling that your family karma exists and you subconsciously are looking for a way out

6. You worry that you could carry the karma to the next generation and be detrimental to your family.

7. You think that bad karma will be detrimental to you-you become paranoid of consequences

8. You worry if you are positive enough and if you have the right frequency vibrations

9. You are obsessed with superstitious pertaining to the concept of Karma and dedicate your life for ‘the better’.

10. You have sense and hopes often diametrically opposite of those above, you may feel that the family karma is improving and get your hopes up.

NOTE: It doesn’t mean that the family karma must be always bad. In most of the cases it is, but it could change!

Vanquishing of the bad family karma is really hard and still, there is no certain answer to the question ‘how to stop it?’. Anyway, we have some very important tips how to vanquish the negative karma and grow as a strong person, untouched by the karma in your bloodline:

Mediate in order to determine the core of the recurring problems.

You should also comprehend the behavioral patterns which are at work, and change them for sure.

Learn how to control your energy and soul, by being your own karma – carrier.

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