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The Steiger StarSeed Questionnaire: Find Out If Your Soul Originates From Another Star System

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by Ariana

It is a Yes & No Quiz! The more Yeses, the more you know about being a StarSeed!

* 1. Do you have large compelling eyes? (not necessary!)_____

* 2. Do people mention that your eyes sparkle?_____

* 3. Do people say you have piercing eyes?______

* 4. Do you have a long neck or fingers?______

* 5. Have you a slim body that seems not to gain weight?______

* 6. Are you Hypersensitive in any of these areas?______



* 7. Do you tend to look younger than your age?_____

* 8. Breathing problems?_____Sinus problems?_____

* 9. Are your sleep habits changing?_____

* 10. Have you low Blood Pressure?

* 11. Have you a rare Blood type?____type if known___

* 12. Are you missing a anti-coagulant in your blood?____

* 13. Back problems?______Missing or extra Vertabra?_____

* 14. Have you poor circulation around hands?____Feet?_____

* 15. Do you have low body temperature normally?______

* 16. Are you bothered by swollen or painfull joints?_____

* 17. Do you have headaches related to humidty?_____

* 18. Do you have severe pain at the back of your neck?____

* 19. Are you sensitive to pollution?______

* 20. Are you allergic to just about everything?____

* 21. Is your diet changing from less meat and rich foods?____

* 22. Are your emotions hypersensitive?_____

* 23. Are personal changes speeding up in your life?_____

* 24. Are you having “lessons”in Unconditional Love?____

* 25. Do you have feelings of inner urgency?_____

* 26. Do you have an ability to read fast?_____

* 27. Do you have difficulty with spelling?_____

* 28. Are you more than normally attracted to:

Nature_____Children______R ocks_____

New Age music____Classical Music___Stars____

Animals______Electrical Storms______Thunder______

The name Leah______Lilacs_____Eagles______

* 29. Have you more mental energy at night than during the day?_____

* 30. Do you feel money is a misuse of energy?____

* 31. Do you meditate?_____

* 32. Are realizations coming to you from within?____

* 33. Do you hear sounds before a psychic event?_____

click______whine______buzz ing_____

* 34. Have you had a near death experience?_____

* 35. Do you understand death as merely a change of planes?_____

* 36. Did you have unseen friends as a child?______

* 37. Did you have psychic experiences or changes at these ages?:


* 38. Do you seem to have a natural ability for the following?:

Math_____Inventions_____Na tural healing____

Music______Acting_______Ar t or Writing_____

* 39. Have you had a sudden or lifelong interest in:

Crystals_______UFOS______P yramids____

Networking_____World Mysteries____Power Spots_____

Space Travel_____Teleportation__ ___Natural Healing______

* 40. Do you look up to the sky a feel at home?_____

* 41. Which planets or stars are you attracted to?____

* 42. Belief in reincarnations?_____REcall  of past lives?____

* 43. Past life country affiliations?_____

* 44. Do you have a yearning to go to your “true” home?_____

* 45. Did you ever question that your parents are your own?____

* 46. Do you believe your ancestors “came from space?”______

* 47. Are animals attracted to you?_____

* 48. Do you communicate with animals easily?___

* 49. Do you feel that you can communicate through telepathy?

* 50. Have you had dreams that came true?____

* 51. Do you ever see a bright light?______

* 52. Do you feel that “Now is the Time”?____

* 53. Are you an Empath? One who feels anothers pain?____

* 54. What do you think will take place during your lifetime?:

Pole shift__________Armageddon_ ___

Global famine______WorldwideUFO contact_____

No global war______The New Age______

Dimensional change______Second Coming of Christ_____

* 55. Have you had a UFO experience?______

* 56.Have you had any Missing Time experience?______

* 57. Do you dream about UFOS?____-

* 58. Have you ever awakened in the morning & felt that you worked all night in some way? ____ in another dimension or plane?_____

* 59. Have you ever had daytime flashbacks of UFOS?_____

* 60. Have you had contact with space beings?____

* 61. What did the beings look like?____-

* 62. What type of messages did you receive?____

* 63. Is that type of contact still going on today?____

* 64. Do you have strange compulsions?____

* 65. Do you feel your goals will be accomplished?

* 66. Are you eager to completing your “lifes” mission?____

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