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Never Lie To An Empath — They Tune In The Frequency Of Truth

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths are people who have decided to see the world in a completely different light.

While others struggle to find something good in this world full of chaos, empaths spend more of their time trying to contribute something positive to this world.

They believe that there is no human that doesn’t deserve a chance. According to them, every person can be made soft with love and care.

An empath will always find a way to justify your wrong even before you do so, that’s because they see hope in everyone.

But sometimes it isn’t as easy as you think it is. Our world is filled with people who are beautiful inside out, but none of us can deny that there also are some people who are just troublesome and derive pleasure out of hurting others unnecessarily.

It’s like they’ll pull the trigger and then blame you for the bloodstains on their shirt. Things that they say and do can sometimes be too piercing.

And their most favorite targets are empaths because they fail to realize that empaths stay because they care not because they are emotional fools. As hurtful as it sounds, some people really love to take advantage of empaths and that’s wrong.

But one lesser known fact is that empaths possess a special quality of intuition and understanding.

They can easily detect liars and people who have nothing but negativity to offer. So the joke’s on you if you think that you’ve successfully misled them.

Despite knowing who you are, they still choose to stick around because they truly believe that there isn’t a type of broken that can’t be fixed.

They want to give you so much of compassion and positivity that you can pull yourself out of the hell you created.

Empaths have their own set of rules, and no matter how caring and sweet they are, they never allow anybody to cross a certain line.

So if you’re smart enough, you’ll value what empaths have to offer and make yourself lead a better life.

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